Wine and Ice Cream for Your Cat

These are strange times. Uncertain times. Times when it would seem a lot of us will be indoors or spending time at home. I think these are times when good ice cream and fine wine might be just what the doctor ordered. I say personally, ice cream was just purchased on a shopping run just yesterday. Don’t let your cats be left out of the fun! You can now get wine and ice cream for your cat. Yes you read that right. Wine AND Ice Cream specially made for Mr. or Ms. Kitty.

Have you heard of Petwinery? If not, we’re here to share it with you. A special place to go to turn your cat into a wino just like the rest of us. A place for kitties (and dogs too!) that creates and sells some bubbly just for them. Your cat deserves their own Purrgandy now and again, right? Maybe a Meowsling instead? Oh you laugh, but I’m not joking.

Cat Wine Is For Real

Behold below, a Meow & Chandon Rose’. A sumptuous concoction for Ms. Kitty to enjoy while you curl up and watch reruns of The Bachelor. (Since there won’t be any new for a while.) The website says “This healthy treat for your Feline is packed with organic catnip and sure to make your kitty silly.” 

Meow & Chandon Rose

It just may be that your cat prefers a darker shade for those colder nights. Or perhaps she’s like me and just doesn’t care for lighter colored wines. A good red is all you need with your steak or quiet time. Purrgandy might just be the taste for her. “CatWine is a non-alcoholic wine purrr-fectly formulated for cats of all ages! This feline treat is made from filtered water, infused with catnip and enriched with salmon oil.

Purrgandy Cat Wine

Cats Scream for Ice Cream

Maybe it’s a week night (does that matter?) and you’re being responsible. It could be that instead of wine it’s ice cream night. We all scream for ice cream! Thankfully wine AND ice cream for your cat is a reality here. I’ve yet to meet a cat in my life who doesn’t enjoy some sweet cream, and while we all know human ice cream isn’t the best for kitty, Petwinery has come to the rescue. Specially formulated ice cream safe for cats, so, they can have a bowl with you.

Direct from the site, “Our Cat Ice Cream is a healthy and safe treat! made with REAL lactose-free goat milk powder and mixed with a flavor they will love…..Bonito (fish) flakes!” Our Cat Ice Cream comes in a powdered form so all you have to do is add hot water, mix and freeze!

Screaming Bonito Cat Ice Cream

Petwinery screams for a visit! We’ve only just scratched the surface of the many items available for your cats, (and dogs too!) They even have dog beer and some special relaxing treats. Drop by their site at any of the links provided so wine and ice cream for your cat just isn’t a dream anymore!

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