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Why is my Cat Meowing?

My one cat is vocal. Often times noises are coming out of him randomly as he sits on his own in the hallway. I often wonder what he’s trying to say. Do you find yourself wondering what your cat is meowing about? We here at QCP (that’s what we’re calling it now) have found a book based on years of research discussing just what kitty is meowing about. It’s a great read, and I’ve typed out a review about it. Teaser, I highly recommend it for all cat owners.

Firstly, just because you have a cat that meows a lot or doesn’t meow that much, doesn’t mean anything is wrong with her or him. Different breeds of cat will be more vocal than others. Siamese, Deven Rex’s, Sphynx cats as an example are very chatty and vocal cats. They like to talk with you and announce their presence in the room. They are likely just saying hi to you in their own way, or, “Hey, look at ME, The King, I’m here.”

On the flip side, Scottish Folds are normally very quiet cats and relaxed kittens in general, and might not be as in your face as some other breeds. There are of course exceptions to these breed traits so try not to flame me in the comments about how your Scottish Fold won’t shut up, and meows constantly at you.

Easy Tips

The best tip I have for any cat owner that is wondering what is happening with their kitten and the reason for their meows is to pay attention to the noise, the cat’s habits and the body language.

If you want to know why your cat is meowing so much a good understanding of the cats habits is paramount. Is there something you’ve been doing at a certain point in the cats day it enjoyed and is now expecting? An example of this would be a treat. I just recently started giving my cats some catnip after a long period of no catnip (out of sight out of mind). I did this a couple days upon my return from dropping my kids at school.

About the third day I was in the kitchen and my one more vocal cat was on the kitchen island meowing to me. I picked him up and gave him his shoulder ride and down he got, back to the squawking. Move to check his food bowl and yup it’s full. I go to the water dish and yep, it’s full. Meanwhile, Mr. Kitty is following me around chirping away. I looked at him and shrugged, and said, “What?” to him. (I always talk to my cats). He jumped up on the counter where the catnip container was sitting and chirped some more. It was then I realized what he was asking me for all along. He wanted his catnip. So, I created a morning catnip monster and he was telling me.

The Moral of The Story

The moral of this little diatribe blurb blog post is to understand your cat is often trying to tell you something. Remembering its habits and often following it when it’s meowing at you is a good tip to understanding them. Cats are very smart, they’ve adapted to living with humans by becoming more vocal than they are when their feral or in the past before domestication. We as humans talk and make noise and cats have become vocal from their silent hunter selves.

The below book does a great job explaining cat body language. Cats evolution to talking to us with their meows. Why is your cat meowing? It’s probably telling you something. I’ve written a review on the book, or, you can go right to the author’s page and watch his video. It’s on special and you get some free gifts. Recommend it for anyone wanting deeper understanding of why their cat is meowing.

If you wish to skip my thoughts on this product and go right to the authors informative video page, click here.

Review: The Cat Language Bible by Jonas Jurgella

The Cat Language Bible

Could this guide really be the key to understanding your cat through true-to-word language?

Forgive me for being a bad parent. Sometimes I just can’t understand what Finn is SAYING between all the meows and purrs.

I guess you could call him a big yapper with the shrewd, “let nothing truly be told” face of a master poker player.

Frankly he doesn’t even need the poker face when he just says the same 2 sounds. Meow. Purrrrrr. How could anyone possibly make sense of that?

Well, you’d be surprised.

As Finn’s caretaker and owner, our language miscommunications can cause friction at times. While I’m trying to figure out whether he’s hungry or tired, angry or just energetic, he’s off in his own world not making anything easier for me.

The Cat Language Bible™ immediately stood out to me as a way to finally break the code with Finn and have an honest, one-on-one, human-to-cat dialogue.

That was, if the marketing lived up to the program’s description.

This course brands itself as a way to understand what your cat is trying to communicate to you – through body language as well as actual cat sounds.

Being a feline with more secrets than he has lives, the prospect of knowing what my cat was thinking, feeling, and sometimes plotting against me was immensely interesting.

What can I say, I’m a bit of an eavesdropper. I wanted to know what Finn actually thought about me as he made efforts to hide, stalk, or occasionally pounce me in my sleep!

Body Language

What I really like about this guide is that it’s not pure text. They show multiple shots of cats exhibiting different signs based on their behavior. For a book about language including the bodily variety, I think this is essential, and they delivered more than just a basic text description by actually showing cats in various emotional and communicative states.

When you think about it, all animals have certain reflexes that they adapt based on their environment. If scared, they recoil, just like humans do. Get excited or fearful, they have different body mechanics to suit each situation.

The reason that you and me struggle with this is because there are slight variations that are hard for non-felines to detect. Just like when a human being furrows his eyebrow to show confusion or disdain. You really need to understand the subtleties that are on display when you look at a cat’s body as well.

The Cat Language Bible™ shows that critical nuance of behavior. It goes to that extra depth to really help you understand and decipher the body language of cats.

Verbal communication

Yes, meow, screech, and a purrr are obviously different in meaning. I think of them as the “primary cat words.”

But unlike human beings, cats focus more on tone to convey different ideas and emotions than humans do. And here again The Cat Language Bible™ breaks it down, highlighting differences between screeching tones and soft tones, as well as low, high, and medium pitches.

It’s worth noting that every cat is different and you need to establish a base for what is loud versus soft with your own feline. Even with FInn being as low-key as he is, I didn’t find this to be an issue at all.

Overall rating

Are you a cat owner? Do you want to understand your cat better? Then get The Cat Language Bible™. It teaches exactly what it says: the language of cat.

I don’t know of any other guide that goes into such depth with the picture examples. Breakdowns of pitch and tone variations and lessons on cat behaviors and emotional states.

This guide also changed my understanding of Finn’s true intelligence. It turns out that house cats have evolved to speak to us in way that no other felines really have. Their language skills, although not quite matching our own, are highly sophisticated and nuanced.

The Cat Language Bible™ is an essential guide then, for understanding how cats think, show emotion, and even manipulate us at times based on their language, both in body and voice.

It’s time to talk cat. Watch author Jonas Jurgella’s FREE video presentation here

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