What Do I Need for My New Kitten?

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A Bundle of New Kittens

It’s always an exciting time bring a new cat home. Perhaps this is your first kitten or your tenth but you still need a checklist to make sure you have the right stuff for your new kitten. Did you buy a kitten from a breeder or rescue one from a shelter? What do I need for a cat you ask? This list has everything you need for your new kitten with helpful links for easy price checking and shopping. We also want to show you what new items are available for your cats you may not be aware of. Some great new helpful products in cat food, kitty litter and toys. We are here to help you find the kitten essentials. What do I need for my new kitten? What does a new kitten need? How do I best keep my kitten happy and healthy?

Maybe some of these kitten and cat items are obvious but we try to help you pick the best, most useful ones. Items are listed below and will help get you set up for a long healthy life for your new pet. Remember, a pet is not just a gift, but a life long commitment. Most all pictures are links to their Amazon or manufacturers page for easy price checking.

What Do I Need for A New Kitten?

1. Kitten Food
2. Cat Food
3. Food and Water Bowls
4. Kitty Litter
5. Kitty Litter Box
6. Toys
7. Bed
8. Cat Tunnel
9. Cat Tree / Scratching Post
10. Health Insurance

What Cat Food is Amazing for A New Kitten?

The most important step you can take for your new kitten is proper nutrition and food. There are an overwhelming amount of brands and choices. Your cat will eventually help you decide as some things they may not like. I have two very non picky eaters but it’s not uncommon for cats to turn their noses up to certain foods. It’s important to note a dry food only diet for cats is not recommended. It can lead to FLUTD (urinary disease) as cats require moisture in their food as they are not big drinkers.

Kitten Food Formulas

If your new cat is a kitten, you will need to give them kitten formula food. Kitten formula’s are higher in fat and protein than adult food. Kittens need this to help them grow and become strong healthy adult cats. We recommend the below brands for your kitten. It’s okay to have a little kitten crunchie food around but make sure they’re getting their wet food a little in the morning and a little at night.

Blue Buffalo Kitten Formula

Blue Buffalo Chicken Recipe
  • PACKED WITH REAL CHICKEN: This grain free kitten food contains more of the chicken kittens love to support healthy muscle growth and contains DHA to promote cognitive development
  • PATÉ STYLE CANNED CAT FOOD: This high protein kitten food features a smooth texture your feline friend can’t resist
  • NATURAL CAT FOOD: All BLUE canned kitten foods are made with the finest natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals
  • MADE WITHOUT WHEAT: BLUE wet cat food contains NO chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, NO corn, wheat (a common thickening agent used by many other brands) or soy, and NO artificial flavors or preservatives
Royal Canin Kitten Formula Food
Royal Canin Kitten Food
  • Thin Slices in Gravy canned wet food is specifically formulated for kittens up to 12 months old
  • Made with the optimal ratio of protein, fats, and carbohydrates to meet the nutritional energy needs of a maturing kitten’s playful energy
  • An innovative blend of antioxidants supports a kitten’s developing immune system defenses as they continue to grow
  • Small, thin slices in gravy are easy for your kitten to eat as they transition to solid foods—and a perfect complement to Royal Canin Kitten Dry Kibble
  • Promotes healthy growth and digestion with digestible proteins, fiber, and prebiotics

Adult Cat Food Formula’s

The above brands also make very high quality cat foods and in a pinch can be found at most pet food stores as well as Amazon. We recommend a subscription from Amazon and you can find this in the checkout area on the sales page from Amazon. Set it and get a new case to your frequency needs (usually monthly). We wanted to highlight a few more options in adult food available that we like here at Quirky Cat Products. These are also subscription services through trusted sellers with highly rated products.

Rachel Ray Cat Food

Rachel Ray Nutrish Cat Food
  • Real fish is the #1 ingredient
  • Grain free recipe with no artificial flavors, colors or artificial preservatives
  • No meat by-products or filler ingredients
  • Natural wet cat food with added vitamins, minerals & taurine

Specialty Raw or Fresh Cat Foods for our New Kitten?

Darwin’s Natural Pet Food lands in the specialty food section. This cat food is specially formulated to provide your cat the best nutrition possible. This helps minimize many common health issues found in cats. Boosted metabolisms, shiney coats and healthy cats are a result in using Darwin’s products. Check out their website for more info and a trial pack to see how your cat likes it is available for a relatively low cost. Their website also contains a lot of great health information from the benefits of their food to general help on ailments cats face and solutions to them. Its worth a visit for caring cat parents.

We Also Love Amazing Nom Nom for your New Kitten

We are big fans of Nom Nom cat food here as well. When your new kitten is ready for human grade cat food this is the best cat food available to buy. Their website will help you decide how much to feed your new cat, and help you select some recipes and sizing. They have additional services in cat gut health diagnoses and cat treats. We have a full review of their product and some coupons to try it within the linked article. Considered by many cat and product review sites as simply the best cat food on the market. Have a read while you’re here. Nom Nom Fresh Cat Food Delivered.

New Cat Food Bowls for Your New Kitten

Not all bowls are created equal! Most new cat owners will buy flat bottomed bowls and drop them on the floor and let kitty go to town! This does work, however don’t be surprised if your cat occasionally (or often) barfs their food up after. It is recommended the bowls be slightly elevated and angled. This gets technical now. The reason your cat will barf less with a bowl designed this way is because of how their neck is angled while eating. The space for food in the feline esophagus is quite narrow. A tightly turned down neck while eating on the floor traps the food and instead of going down it, well, comes back up if they eat too fast. We recommend the below styled bowls.

The below bowl comes in white, blue and pink. As by the picture is is raised and elevated.

UPSKY Petco Cat Bowl

More Great Cat Bowls for Your New Kitten

If you’re shopping for bowls and you like some things a bit fancier. Check out our post on these awesome cat bowls. We love these bowls so much. Raised and angled bowls to keep your cat eating at the right angle and gorgeously stylish. You can’t go wrong having a look. Best Cat Bowls Online.

Kitty Litter for your new Cat

Above all when people think of getting a kitten, pretty much the most common what do I need for my cat item is kitty litter. This product is almost as overwhelming to choose as cat food itself. So you know not all kitty litter is created equal. If you care about your kitty’s health which I’m sure you do you’d do well to ensure a quality cat litter is in your home. We don’t recommend clumping litter for your new family member, but understand it’s popular and easier for many. If you’re choosing to use clumping litter, we recommend Tidy Cats Lightweight formula. It tracks less around your home and is very good at odor control. You can also set up a subscription on Amazon and save.

Silica Based Cat Litters

Another option for kitty litter is Kitty Poo Club. Kitty Poo Club is a subscription service that delivers an entire box plus litter to your home monthly. When I say an entire box, I don’t mean a box full of litter. I mean an actual durable, wax covered cardboard litter box. It unfolds into a litter tray with high sides to keep the litter in the box and not on the floor. When the month is up, you fold up the top of the box and throw it all away as another new box arrives in the mail.

Firstly, you have up to four options to chose on litter than comes with your subscription box. Silica, silica sand, clay clumping and new a new formula arriving in July 2020. You simply put the provided litter into the box, scoop number 2 daily, and in a months time simply throw the entire box and litter away, as a new box and litter arrives. Multi – cat subscription available as well and beyond an automatic cat litter box, is probably one of the easiest cat litter options available today and is around $22.00 per month per cat. One of our 3 Best Cat Litters.

Pretty Litter

Probably one of the most marketed and promoted litters on the market is Pretty Litter. Some love Pretty Litter, some haven’t liked it. It’s up to you to try and decide if it’s for you. We love it here, above all It’s non clumping (safer) and has a neat health monitoring feature that is easy to understand. Health monitoring by color changes to the litter itself helps you know if your kitty has any underlying medical conditions. It’s lightweight, delivered monthly, and is great for odor control if used as directed. It’s something all cat mommy’s should try. If you’re shopping from Canada, you can get a great deal on Pretty Litter by using coupon code CANADA20.

New Kitten Litter Box

You can certainly go with a flat basic pan, and might be best for a little kitten for easy access and locating. As your cat gets older, we recommend one with higher sides or even a lid. Ensure your lid is vented well as you really don’t want your new kitty inhaling all that dust. (Clumping cat litter = evil) I have two recommendations for litter boxes.

The reason I recommend the below product is because of it’s high top. I know you may not want something this big but your cat will thank you. High roof area for them to move around and, squat. Fully covered will help keep the litter in the pan and not all around it. It has a ventilated top as well. As reviews go, Amazon shows it with 5000+ ratings and a 4.5 star overall score.

Petmate Booda Dome
iPettie New LItter Box

The next box is a bit more pricey but comes with a fabulous package. Rounded and fully enclosed with a roll top lid to provide privacy and odor control. Comes with a scoop, a litter mat, a carbon filter and waste bag liner replacement. It’s a complete kitty box package, and heck, it looks plain cool too. Certainly not your average run of the mill cat litter pan. A great option for your kitten box needs.

iPettie Nova Cat Litter Box

Cat Toys Are a Must

You don’t want your new kitty bored. We’ve covered the food and litter, what do I need for my new cat would not be complete without some toys! Toys! Cat’s are very entertaining animals. We want cats in our lives because they’re cute, fluffy, cuddly and of course playful. Toys are an essential aspect to happy and healthy cats. Toys provide your cat and you with exercise, brain stimulation and keep them from playing with items in your home they aren’t supposed to. Below is a list of toys all cats should have in some form. All pictures send you to Amazon for more information and likely differing options of the same idea.

Energy Burning Bug Chasing Toys help your new kitten.

All cats love to chase birds and bugs. We always call these the ‘bug toy’ around our house. It’s essentially a bug or bird on a fishing pole. Many hours of entertainment for you and your cat.

Cat Laser Toys

Cats love chasing the little dot. It’s one of life’s little pleasures as a cat owner because it’s funny and they just never seem to get it. Hours of fun. Exercise for kitty. Here’s some options.

The Cat’s Meow Toy

This is a huge hit in our house. My one cat sits next to it until it gets turned on. A very simple design yet very effective at keeping your cat busy. It’s pretty battery intensive and we’ve had to replace the batteries a lot but kitty loves it.

Your New Cat Needs a Cat Bed or Two

So many cat beds, which one to choose? We’ll give you some great suggestions because that’s what we’re here to do. You can get lost searching Amazon Pets for the perfect cat bed. We’ve done it too! Remember kitties like to be wrapped or protected when they sleep. A flat dog bed isn’t recommended for precious quirky cats. We’ve picked out a few best bets for you.

The old standby fluffy marshmallow style bed. This one below looks super luxurious for your kitty. Can’t go wrong with one of these.

Furthering our statement above, we love this one because it has a cover and sides to let your cat feel save and burrowed in its den. I’d like to sleep in there. Do they make hooman sized ones??

Another wonderful design from Amazon is the cat banana bed. Cute and an eye catching crowd pleaser. Your new kitty will love hiding and sleeping in his banana.

Heated Cat Beds for Your New Kitten

We have a dedicated page for the newest and best craze in cat mom and cat dad parenthood. Heated cat beds are a thing! What new kitten doesn’t need a warm place to curl up and unwind. Now it can be specially designed for just the right temperature for your heat loving new cat. Check out our list of the best heated cat beds.

Your New Kitten will LOVE a Cat Tunnel

Kitties like to play hide and jump out and kill you. Give them places to do so and you will laugh and laugh as they get you over and over. This item is really cool, a cat bed in the middle for them and a tunnel around the sides. You’ll need some room in your house for it but your new cat will love it.

Your New Kitten Needs a Cat Tree or Cat Scratcher

Your new furry family member will love to climb and scratch things. All cats will. Be prepared for some positive discliplining your new baby when it wants to scratch and climb where it’s probably not supposed to. Best method is to move the scratching to somewhere they are allowed to. Hence, the cat scratching post. Also known as cat trees, or scratchers. There are many options online and my recommendation is to go as big as you can afford, or have room for. Cats love to be high up, to be the KING. Allow them these places and happy cats you will have. There are a couple good options online for cat trees.

Cat’s Play Furniture For Your New Cat

Cat’s Play Furniture is an excellent source for modern or traditional style trees. More items for your new kitty beyond just trees. Beds, Enclosures and condo’s are all on the menu at this site. Do check them out and browse their selection.

Amazon Pets has great Cat Trees

When you need to know what you need for your new cat, Amazon will be your go to. A great selection of trees and hammocks there. Below are some of our favorites, we especially like the hammocks styles.

Know your New Cat’s Breed Absolutely

Why is this important? Many forms of cat breeds exist and many have different genetic makeups that will make them more susceptible to different diseases. Basepaws will provide you a lifetime, ever changing report on various health markers, concerns and things to watch for. Its a cat DNA test that provides you mountains of information from as simple as what breed your new kitten is to what diseases it may be prone to acquire. An internet best of best product invested in by Shark Tank hosts. Read all about Basepaws on our full review here.

What You Most Need For Your New Kitten

This is super, duper important. I can’t stress enough how important it is. Your furry friend will need to see the vet. It needs to see the vet regularly and when it will get hurt or sick. It happens to all of us, human or feline. Don’t get caught with your pants down on this. There are some great offerings out there covering your pet. We like these two because they are highly rated and cover regular vet visits as well as accident and illness. Reach out for both for a quote and make your decision on what works best for you. This is a major kitten essential. You will be thankful for the peace of mind and coverage if something major happens to your new family member.

Eusoh Cost Sharing Health Coverage

Feel free to check out our full overview of Eusoh’s offerings at this post. It’s worth the read.

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