Ugly Christmas Sweaters with Cats You Want This Year

Over the past few years the ugly Christmas sweater has become more and more popular. We all want to turn heads with fashion and Christmas time has become turning heads with gaudy, outlandish, colorful pullovers and sweaters. As cat lovers we can have the best of both worlds and rock our Ugly Christmas Sweaters with Cats. We have compiled a flashy and decorative display of Ugly Christmas Sweaters with Cats you want this year. We think you might even be looking for Ugly Christmas Sweater ideas, or even some new ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas. We’ve got you covered!

Ugly Christmas Sweater with Cats and Lights

You know you love the sparkly light up sweaters as much as I do. We wanted to start with the ones with lights as they just might be the most popular nowadays. This Amazon seller has various designs but of course, we put the one with the cat on it for you to see. Comes in all sizes.

Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater With Cats and Lights

We don’t want our male friends to be left out either. As the top entry was definitely a women’s design we found this gem with lights in it designed for the cat loving cat dad’s out there. Instead of reindeers on the ugly Christmas Sweater we’ve got some cats pulling Santa’s sleigh. Wear it with pride gents. With pride.

Traditional Ugly Christmas Sweaters with Cats

So here comes the meat of the Ugly Christmas Sweaters with Cats you want this year highlights. We know the bright and crazy and bold looks are a favourite for many this holiday season. The grouping below are all from the same seller and just different designs from Amazon. Strap in and maybe put your sunglasses on!

Keep it Green with this Holiday Sweater

We really think the Ugly Christmas Sweaters with Cats should be green or red. Maybe I’m just a sucker for tradition without the Reindeers. This flashy green with almost grumpy cats is a great contrast for holiday laughs and cheer.

A Hoodie Can be An Ugly Sweater Too

Perhaps you don’t want to go full on sweater and prefer sweatshirts with ugly Christmas sweater designs on them. We have you covered. Check out this Meowee Christmas pattern on a sweatshirt so you can enter the ugly sweater contest and still not be too scratchy. See what I did there? Cat scratchy. Okay whatever.

We also have some new 3D printed designs to show you. Moving away from the more traditional design of silk screening and stitching, shirt making has gone bonkers with the details we can now put on fabric. We go from mildly wacky to full on nuts with some of these designs of ugly Christmas sweaters with cats on them you totally want this year.

Match Your Sweater with Some Cat Christmas Leggings

Ok so we’re throwing this out there for just a little variety and flair to the post. Why not match your stunning and bold Ugly Christmas Sweater with Cats on it with some ugly Christmas Leggings with cats on them? If you’re going to go full on win the contest you really should go all in. Check out these funky Christmas leggings with cats! Sorry guys, not sure you should take part in this one.

Your Cat Needs A Sweater Too!

Yes, you heard me. Your little king or queen cat needs a sweater too. Dress up your cat for the ugly Christmas Sweater Party as well! If you’ve dressed up your cat before why not get them there own special sweater. We have one listed here too!

Cat Ugly Christmas Sweater

Don’t Miss out on Decorations and Gifts

I’m sure you’ve already picked one of those stunning sweaters out for yourself by this point. I did actually bring two or three in for myself just to keep the variety going at this years family yule tide events. We don’t want you to miss out on our other cat Christmas themed posts or product highlights. You really should have some cat decorations for your Christmas tree so check out our picks for Cat Christmas Tree Ornaments.

Additionally, we’re sure since you’re here you have an assortment of friends who love their cats and Christmas. We’ve picked out a list of the best gifts for cat lovers and highlighted them in a post. Make sure you check it out and maybe post in the comments what you think is the most popular cat themed Christmas gift off our site.

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