These 7 New Cat Toys Will Make You Smile

We all love to spoil our cats with new cat toys to play with. Sometimes I’m unsure if the toys are for our entertainment or theirs. I decided to scour the interwebs for some outlandish and crazy cat toys from those more creative than me. New ways to entertain our cats and us cat owners. I’m more than positive these new cat toys will make you smile.


We’ve all been there. We’ve got the tunes going and we think, “Yeah I can be a DJ.” Now you can put some tunes on and see if your cat has the skills. A spot for your cat to scratch instead of the couch, this is one hip hop scratcher.


From the same seller and company who makes the DJ Cat Scratcher toy comes the ultimate in cardboard box hideouts for your cat. We all know your cat feels like the ultimate boss inside that random box. This one will add some flair and jam to his day because it’s shaped like a tank. Yes, now kitty has a gun to protect his domain and not just razor claws when you walk by. Probably one of the most creative cat toy ideas in the past few years. A most definite cat toy talking piece for when friends come over.

PetDroid Boltz Robotic Quirky Cat Toy

This little genius device will provide hours of funny moments for you while watching your cat try to kill it. Yes cats love to pounce and stalk and birdie chirp at their toys. It has a feather or other items to attach to the wand along the top. My cats love the bugs on these types of teasers but yours may like others. These quirky cat toy will make you smile as they do me because my cats interactions are priceless. It moves around, spins and just generally does all the work for you. Better yet it has a built in battery that recharges like our phones so no constant battery replacements.


Well this one just gets chalked up to the creative folks. I know this could be somewhat polarizing depending on your view of the Mary Jane. With that said, I don’t believe any cat owner hasn’t associated a cats loves of catnip with that of some humans love of the wacky tobbaky. Some scientists and animal experts believe catnip has similar effects on cats brains to that marijuana does for us. It’s only natural that we’d find a catnip filled cat toy shaped like a joint a bit funny. I do anyways. Its pretty basic. Probably a gag gift more than anything, but it has to make the these new cat toys will make you smile post.


We all remember the fidget spinner craze! Everyone had to have one and they were selling for big money on eBay due to supply shortage. One of the wackier crazes for product in recent memory. Now we have a fidget spinner for cats! You can put catnip or mint balls in one of the bubble, and lights in the other. This product will stick to a wall or the floor and let your cat smack it and spin it to their hearts content. They will also rub up against it and chew on it to clean their teeth. It seems like such a simple little item but is already super popular on Amazon and looks like a dream for many cats. Comes in various colors.


Yes you may have seen this while searching Amazon or browsing Facebook. A super popular cat toy in the recent years but it also makes me smile a lot when I see it. Cats going crazy bunny kicking it with their back feet. The Interactive Flopping fish toy is definitely entertaining to watch your cat with. It certainly makes me smile a lot.


This is genius! It’s a condo for your cat that doesn’t take up any floor space. Allow your kitty to climb and hide and survey the room from multiple levels in which you can move around the house. If you need somewhere for your energetic cat to do cat things, but lack floor space all you need is a door. You attach the cat hanging condo to the back of a door wherever it will fit in the house. You can even move it from room to room or door to door to keep your cat interested. A great product and I think your cat is smiling now.


We know you are here because you wanted to see the list of quirky cat toys that will make you smile. We hope you smiled at all or some of the great products available for cats right now. With that in mind, a cat needs to be healthy to play. For those cats loving viewers of our page we know you want to keep your cat active, healthy and happy.

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