The Most Watched Cat Videos on Youtube

We’ve all seen them. Hilarious videos of cats doing cat things posted to Facebook or Instagram. It made me wonder… what are the most watched cat videos on youtube? I did some searching, filtering and had to get scientific with my stats and ranking. I did this because some of the search strings had a cat in them but weren’t totally about cats. The most watched video was actually a little child reading stories to her cat, and I didn’t think that was a true representation. She was super cute and I believe the draw was the child and not the cat.

Cat videos

Cat Video Search Criteria

To be clear I searched the word “cat, cats, kitten and kittens’ in youtube and then used the filter by ‘view count’ in order to find the highest ranked videos. With cats being super popular online I expected billions of viewed videos. I was surprised that the top ranked cat video was well under a billion views @ 266 million. While certainly an impressive number I expected higher. I also was surprised it wasn’t a funny compilation video of cats doing crazy things. Also shocking to me was that I hadn’t even seen it myself. I eat up all things cats online and this was the first I’ve seen of this video.

I will divuldge the top three with view counts and an embed of the video below. I’m curious to know what you think and what your favourite all time cat video you’ve seen would be? Kind of like a Quirky Cat Products video poll in the comment section on best cat video all time.

Cat Video Ranked Number 3

214 Million views this video is a compilation video. Not the kind you’d expect however I do think it’s popular as folks like to put videos on to see the reaction they’d get from their own animals. A video of other cats meowing is number three on the list. I think we can do better!

Cat Video Ranked Number 2

This video is more like we’d think of as a popular viral video. Animals doing funny things in a “America’s Funniest Video’s” style compilation. Caveat to this video and its view count is it includes dogs as well, so, maybe the statisticians would argue its not a true cat video, because well, dogs are ruining it. With 222 million views, its gets number 2.

Cat Video Ranked Number 1

As of press time and youtube’s metrics reporting, the below video is the top ranked video featuring cats. As mentioned, I’d never seen it. I can only surmise that it’s view count is being pumped by Japan. It’s comical at times and not that long. The cats bailing on the slippery floor did make me laugh. At 266 million views, it’s the current champ. You be the judge!

So those are the most watched cat videos on Youtube. I was surprised. Were you? Please comment below.

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