The Five Best Cat Scratching Posts on Amazon

If you have a cat and you don’t have a big scratching post you need to rectify this issue ASAP. –Oh by the way, your cat called and he’s pissed! The Five Best Cat Scratching Posts on Amazon may change from time to time. We will try to update this list as new items become available.

A proper quirky cat parent has multiple towers and posts for their mini predator minds! Cats want to be up high, like in a tree, like a Jaguar. They want to plot your demise from the top wrung, then decide it’s better to sleep there instead! Your furniture will thank you every day. We personally have three cat posts. Two of them over four feet in height. One of our cats makes the largest, which is seven feet high, his permanent after sundown sleeping spot. His brother never wins the king of the hill battle.

The List of Scratching Posts

Below are the five best scratching posts on Amazon so your cat stops calling me. I’m a sucker for cats in distress.

So the number one cat tree on the list (above) is the FANDREA 68.5 inch model. It has a very long Amazon name which I won’t bother typing out here, but this looks to me like the grand daddy of all Amazon cat posts. I mean, it has a darn food bowl built in! You’ll be the star of the cat world if you get little Zeus his King Tower where he can sleep, scratch, swat fluffy balls and hide in his cave. Buy it for $109.99 anytime. BUY NOW.

Large Cat Posts continued…

FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree

Look folks this has everything your cat wants. Dangly balls (Who doesn’t like those) , a hidey hole house and a couple different perches. Don’t forget its nicely carpeted for digging in and scratching and oh my, it has a HAMMOCK! If you don’t get a cat post with a hammock well, you need to work on your quirky cat parenting skills! You can buy this on Amazon right now by clicking BUY NOW.

Above is the BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo. It makes number three on the list because well it has a slide! Well, it’s not really a slide but I guarantee your cat will love using it in many ways. She can scratch it, she can run up it, she can run down it. It comes with two caves to hide in and an upper perch to help them look out the window. It’s not as tall as the other two at 37.8 Inches but perhaps smaller is better for your spot and well, it does have that slide! It is priced at $64.90. BUY HERE.

Smaller Cat Scratching Posts.

Yunhoo Luxury Cat Tree

The above beauty gets number four on the list of the Five Best Cat Scratching Posts on Amazon. The Yunhoo Luxury Cat tree. This one makes the cut because it has some lounge chairs attached and what looks like a pretty fun trampoline! Your cats will love the various places to hide and play. Scratching spot on the bottom for your save the furniture needs. If you have two cats, I can see some pretty fun play between the upper soft area and the lower dangly ball. If you’ve ever played move the fingers under the blanket with your cat… you get it. Priced at $59.99. BUY HERE.

The Trixie Pet Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower is the last on the list. I’ve included this as it is currently a best seller on Amazon. It’s not my top choice because in my heart of hearts my cats want to be up high, but I can’t deny the benefits of this cat play center if you have a small space or if it’s a third or tenth cat play area in the home. (Yes, I’m nuts). This item folds to put away if need be (why would you do that to your cat??). It also has a scratch pad, a ‘den’ in the bottom triangle and a hammock at the top. It looks like a great spot for a cat to play and small enough to move around and put away if need be. A great cat product! $38.25. BUY HERE.

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