The Best Christmas Gift for Cat Lovers

We have another post on this site with many different options for the cat lover on your list. From coasters to mugs we list them all. I picked one out of the list to highlight here as the best Christmas Gift for Cat Lovers. There are various reasons as to why it makes the grade.

Best Cat Gift Reason One

If you’re a cat owner, you’ll know the most common question you are ever asked about your kitty is, “What kind of cat do you have?” It might be right up there with, “What’s your kitties name?” Some of us will walk into a home and see an Orange Tabby and just assume it’s an Orange Tabby however not all orange tabbies are the same.(That was a lot of “Orange Tabby” in one sentence) Being that the color of their fur isn’t an indication of their breed, wouldn’t it be wonderful to say something more profound? Kind of like, “He’s an American Shorthair with 22% Scottish Fold and .5% Lion” Basepaws breaks down your cat’s DNA to specify breed and the coolest part, how much wild cat is still left in that ball of fur sleeping on your lap.

How Much Tiger is in your Cat?

Best Cat Gift Reason Two

Health! Wouldn’t it be great to know if your loved ones cat is sick and they didn’t know it? Cats especially hide illness for a long time. Perhaps kitty has something going on and that DNA kit you provided as a present found it. A trip to the vet to get ahead of the problem before it’s way too serious will make you look like a hero. Additonally, Basepaws reports are good for health markers for potential problems. With that knowledge, perhaps a diet change or some supplements to help kitty avoid that future problem will be found. Nothing hits the wallet and the heart like a sick furbaby, and Basepaws DNA kit can help with this.

Best Cat Gift Reason Three

As an example perhaps your friends cat is commonly found on top of shelves. It’s also found on top of hutch buffets. One day it was on the top of a swinging door, just chilling. Bengal cats especially love to climb. Bengal cats climb everything they can get their hands on. If Basepaws finds Bengal cat in the DNA and shares a breed trait of the Bengal cat is to climb and climb everything; your cat owner friend can adapt to this trait. Buying higher cat trees or making safe climbing areas to satisfy that Bengal trait and understanding it’s need to climb without thinking it’s just being naughty.

Bengal Cat Ready to Get High

Best Christmas Gift Reason Four

The report! The report is alive and never done. When you first get the report from the Cat DNA test, that isn’t the end of it. As research continues and health and breed traits are compiled, the report changes with this new information. It is constantly updated so the owner of the report is always up to date with the most current breed and health information available. A constant update with the most current information. The gift keeps on giving.

Best Christmas Cat Gift Reason Five

The Best Christmas Gift for Cat Lovers reason five is it’s on special for Christmas! Use the code “DEC15” and receive 10% off your order. Shipping is free in the lower 48. You can provide the kit under the tree and the test is sent back with shipping paid for. A lifetime of educated answers on the kind of cat. Knowledge of why the part Bengal cat likes to stalk you from up high. Preventative health information to keep kitty active and alive for years. Check out Basepaws for yourself at the links provided and you can’t go wrong.

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