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The Best Cat Brushes

Most cats love being brushed. I know with with my two if I pick up the brush and make some noise with it they come running, purring before they get to where I am. Brushing your cat is good for their happiness and health. If you happen to have a cat who sheds a lot this will be good for your couch, pants, shirts and everywhere else they like to be. The best cat brushes help reduce shedding and mats. They help with flea control and debris that may make your cats fur feel grainy or ruffled. Its generally a good practice to brush your cats at least 3 times a week for short hairs and once or twice a day for long haired breeds. We look at the best cat brushes and discuss them here with you.

Best Handheld Cat Brush

Not all cat brushes are created equal. I find when I’m brushing my cats their fur ends up plugging up the brush terribly, and the worst part for me is peeling it all out of the brush to begin again. Usually while I’m doing this I’m stabbing my fingers in the bristles and dodging flying paws and teeth as my cat tries to attack the brush. Not positive if this is because he wants more or if he’s just being a jerk because well, he’s a cat. I’ve tried a lot of brushes over the years and these have become my favourites for brushing my cat.

The first of the best cat brushes is my new all time favourite thing are ‘self cleaning brushes’. They trap the fur in the bristles and then have a button on the back you push that ‘ejects’ the hair from the brush so you just grab and wipe away quickly. No more digging your fingers into the bottom of the bristles to peel out the hair. Press the button, swipe and go. Much less swatting time for impatient kitty. If you’re in the market for a new brush, you’re going to thank me for buying the self cleaning kind. This Hertzgo Self Cleaning Brush sells for 15.99 on Amazon!

Hertzgo Self Cleaning Brush
Hertzgo Self Cleaning Brush Back

Best Gloves as Cat Brushes

If you have a quirky cat who may not enjoy the brush or perhaps is a bit naughty and attacks it the entire time you’re trying to brush them, you can try the pet glove route. There are a million designs and styles of these but be careful not to get ones that are too thin or that have flimsy ‘spikes.’ If you have a mild mannered cat who will let you stroke their fur without getting crazy then you’ll probably be fine with the knitted style. I’d recommend personally going with a thicker material to save your fingers and the product itself if frisky cat starts chewing on the gloves. These look nice and thick and will work well. These work well in the best cat brush realm because it mimics petting for your cat but brushes their fur at the same time.

Pet Grooming Gloves

They are a bit more expensive but than the knitted, thin cheap ones but your cat will thank you and your skin likely will too! $19.99 on Amazon.

Quirky Cat Brush

So we couldn’t be called quirky cat products if we didn’t show the last item on the list here. Cats, like many animals, bond by licking and grooming their chosen ‘friends.” Whether that be their bonded siblings, moms to their babies, or in my case, their humans. I have a cat who tries to clean me all the time. My skin, my hair, my beard, the back of my neck. It feels a bit uncomfortable, but there are times I let him do it because I know it makes him happy. He feels like he belongs to me. He thinks he’s helping me and showing his love and I recognize that as a long time cat person.

Wild cats do this as do domestic cats. I especially enjoy the intensity of his purring when I allow him to groom me at certain times. It is very difficult depending on what he decides needs attention however its all for love. This does have to be one of the wackiest products I’ve seen in a while. As a cat lover who has a cat who likes to groom me I can majorly understand the appeal this would have to some who are just as cat crazy as I.

Cat Licki Brush

Cat Licki Brush

Yes it’s the Cat Licki Brush. Or the Cat Tongue Brush. The best cat brush on the market just for the wow factor. An item you put in your mouth and brush your cat with it. Simulating the motion with your head to your cat that they would to you while grooming. I guess it’s a way to give back to them that try to groom you. A way to bond with your cat like not other many ways can. This literally has to be one of the quirkiest cat products in the last year or two. Apparently it’s super popular and Amazon shows little stock left. Comes in pink or glow in the dark. You can buy for $25.00 and hurry, they are selling out fast. If you want to buy this product, CLICK HERE.

If you’re a cat lover like all of us here, I bet you’d like some of these quirky cat products. We call it the Must See Quirky Cat Products. Some might even call it the Must Haves!

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