ryker the service dog fails

Ryker the Wannabe Service Dog

Ryker Service Dog

I know this is a cat blog, but sometimes the dogs just want their Quirky time too! We animal lovers we can all be amazed at the genius some service animals display in their roles. From guiding the blind to sniffing out ilicit drugs, these dogs, cats and bunnies delight us and help us. Ryker the wannabe service dog is taking the internet by storm not by his amazing feats of obedience, but by his lack of it.

Below you will see the video of Ryker’s journey of training failures. See his hilarious example that not all dogs are made for service work. He’s a delightful creature and is full of personality and spunk, but, he may not be helping a blind person function in the world any time soon.

I do hope you enjoy this hilarious video of Ryker failing all his challenges in the most endearing way possible. He cannot even open the fridge properly without showing off his inner goofball. Perhaps he’s better suited to pursuit and capture.

Ryker the Wannabe Service dog in action above.

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