We were extremely excited to write this. Our Pretty Litter Review – Why you MUST try it. Not to be confused with a pretty little thing review. I know we’re kind of ruining the overall end result in the title and first sentence. Normally we wouldn’t let the cat out of the bag so to speak this early on. There is a reason! Pretty Litter is one of the 3 Best Cat Litters in 2020. We love products that increase our cats health, and helps us keep track of their health. There are petty litter reviews 2018 online, and also a whole year of petty litter reviews 2019. This is our take on it moving into pretty litter 2020. Fresh ideas and new cats to try it on! We do try to post honest reviews of all products. Pretty Litter no exception!

Pretty Litter

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Evolution of Cat Litter …the beginning.

Cat litter used to be bags of ground up pellets Dads would use to soak up spills in the garage. I remember janitors in schools using cat litter to dump on the spot where Billy Stephens barfed. It feels like some playgrounds in the 70’s and 80’s used it instead of rock pebbles under the swings. It was the all purpose product that barely was any good at hiding the smell or Muffy’s pee. Which it was intended to do.

cat litter before
Early Cat Litter

Along came clumping cat litter. A revolution! Now we can know exactly where Muffy urinated and scoop all of that in one gigantic 10lbs lump of half of what was in the box. It came scented and unscented and did a better job of hiding smells and making cleaning the litter somewhat easier. I’m sure if I polled my readers here 95% of them use some form of clumping cat litter to this day.

With the evolution of silica gels we now have the latest and greatest cat litter ever thought up. Pretty Litter has taken silica gels to the next level with a revolutionary product that monitors cat’s health and provides a much safer environment for your cat.

Pretty Litter

I’ve Always Hated Clumping Cat Litter

I’m going to side bar this Pretty Litter Review and why you must try it with a personal story. I have personal experience with the dangers of clumping cat litter. My family had a lovely male blue point Siamese cat, named Cheemo. He was one of my favorite cats that’s ever been a part of my life due to his character, charm, handsome looks and affection. He was well over 20lbs and solid but never ever took a swipe or aggressive move toward any human to ever visit or cuddle him.

When he was about five years hold my wife and I returned home to a howling in pain cat. He was wailing and pacing and lying on his side. It was gut wrenching to to witness this remarkable pet be in pain. I did not know what was wrong with him at the time but knew it was serious and immediately took steps to get him to the vet. When we arrived, (emergency after hours visit to boot) we found out he had a blocked urinary tract (UTI) and the vet said clumping cat litter was likely to be the cause.

We were taken aback by this and had no idea that was even possible. We felt terrible that we could’ve caused this to our beloved cat. It was so bad he required emergency surgery and were told he might not make it, and if he did, might have continued problems the rest of his life with bladder and urinary tract problems.

Loss of a Cat Due to Dusty Clumping Cat Litter

Most of us cat lovers don’t know that traditional litter often contains sodium bentonite which expands many times its size upon contact with moisture. After stepping out of the litter box, your cat licks their paws and that clay may expand within their digestive tract causing medical problems.

Cheemo lived a few more years but had continual infections and blockages until he finally went over the rainbow bridge to one he could not recover from. We lost this gorgeous cat way too early. We love Pretty Litter for a lot of reasons, but if someone tries to tell your they’re doing a pretty litter clumping review, move on, since it’s not a clumping litter.

Here is the meat and potatoes of our PrettyLitter Review and why you must try it. Pretty Litter, a new silica based cat litter that changes color when your beloved friend pee’s in it. If your cat is having health problems it changes colors to alert you to potential problems with your cat’s health. If you need to see this in action their website (links above) have a great demonstration. Amazing that we’ve gone from the mechanics oil spill clean up product for our cat’s to one that is monitoring their health and providing a safer environment to pee in.

There are a lot of cons to traditional clumping cat litter I want to point out from personal experience.

cat litter is heavy
Me carrying box of cat litter in the house

Pretty Litter is Light Weight

  1. The weight! I can’t tell you the dread I feel when I get home from work and my wife says, “There’s a box of litter in the back of the car I can’t carry in.” With two cats we buy the jumbo box from Wal-Mar that weighs over 50lbs. I understand she can’t lift it but there I am in the winter lugging this ground up rock into the house. As I’m getting older 50lbs keeps feeling heavier and heavier. Pretty Litter is light weight, easy for my wife to carry (haha!) and they DELIVER TO YOUR DOOR EVERY MONTH. Many places offer free shipping in North America. No more dragging that box through the store to the car to the house. Score.

Pretty Litter is Low Dust

  1. The Dust! Clumping Cat litter creates so much dust. This is pretty much why I wrote this Pretty Litter Review – Why You Must Try It. I don’t believe dust is good for kitty to be ingesting while they are kicking it around and burying number two. The dust and grains then gets on their fur and they lick it which could create digestive and urinary tract problems. As an add to this point for me, it is often my cat decides it’s ‘sit on dad’s chest and cuddle time,’ and he’ll arrive after being in his box. He flops on me and all I can smell on him is the dust in his fur from the box. A bit of scented meadow, a bit of dirty cat litter. I dislike this. A lot. Pretty Litter is dust free, scent free and no more cat box smelling cuddles.

Pretty Litter is Low Track

  1. Tracking. I don’t like wearing socks. I am often barefoot in my house even in the winter. Walking through tiny granules of cat litter tracked out of the box throughout the house annoys me some.. I’ll add that unclogging your vacuum of clumping cat litter that builds up inside the power head is zero funsies. This is a problem for me and I can’t be alone with vacuum cleaner distress with clumping cat litter. I don’t believe that any cat litter product will always fully stay in the box, at least with Pretty Litter I’m not feeling it on my feet twenty minutes after I vacuum.
smelly kitty litter
Non-Odor Control Litter isn’t Pretty LItter

Pretty Litter Odor Control

  1. Smell. No more smell. Pretty Litter traps the moisture and dries it immediately, trapping the smell inside the gel. When Muffy goes number 2 it dries it out instantly and removes the smell. No more wafting aroma’s in the house. Your friends won’t even know you have a cat until it decides to go full guard cat mode and pounce when they get too close!
  2. Did I mention they deliver? To your door? Even in the winter.

Summary of our thoughts on Pretty Litter

You will probably find some pretty litter bad reviews online. Just like any product there will be people who dislike it. Pretty litter bad reviews will ultimately show up. If I give it one downside, being in Canada the exchange rate makes it pretty pricey. It’s really not the most inexpensive cat litter on the market. Pretty Litter reviews Canada will probably bring this up. Plus, being Canadian some cities don’t get free shipping.

With that said, you owe it to yourself and your furry friend to try the best new cat litter in the world for them. Click here to go to their page. At least give it a try to see if you found it as much of a life enhancer as I have. This is called Pretty Litter Review – Why You Must Try It for a reason. I find the benefits to my cat’s health outweigh the cons of maybe a bit more expensive than other premium litters. We here at Quirky Cats think its well, the cat’s …

Pretty Litter

We highly recommend the use of cat litter mats with all cat litter whether using Pretty Litter or regular clumping. Minimize the sweeping and vacuuming as when kitty jumps out of the box this mat catches it before it hits your floor. It easily dumps back into the box. This is the best product on the market right now for cat litter catching and clean up.

cat litter mat amazon
Pieviev Cat Litter Mat

Partner Health Monitoring Litter with Pet Health Insurance

This is a total add on to my reviews of pretty litter. One of it’s major factors is health monitoring of your pretty kitty. What happens when you do see a problem with your kitty’s health? A visit to the vet is in order of course. Why not pair your new pretty kitty litter with a new health insurance plan for your cat? A great option on the market is Embrace Pet Insurance. Why not get a quote and see if you can put it in your budget? Pet UTI’s can cost anywhere from $900 – 2000 for treatment. Having cat health coverage or cat pet insurance cat really take the stress of that situation off you. Click below for a quote from a great pet insurance company.

Let Us Worry About the Vet Bills - Embrace Pet Insurance

If you enjoyed our Pretty Litter Review – Why you must try it post; Read and find ways to help reduce FLUTD/UTI’s in your cats in conjunction with Pretty Litter. Click here for Tips to Reduce UTI in Your Cat.

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  1. Hi just purchased this product…my youngest cat keeps crying and refuses to get in litter box and actually peed on the wall…any help with this is helpful

    1. When changing cat litter, sometimes you need to do it slowly. Some cats can be picky, and may think that new sand isn’t really for them. If you have two boxes for one cat, try keeping the old litter in one box for a period of time. From there, add a little of the new litter to one box and slowly change it to full Pretty Litter in a week or two. It’s possible your cat will never adjust to anything but what they’re used to, but unlikely. Pretty Litter is so much better for them than dusty clumping clay I hope your kitty adjusts.

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