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We love new cat products! For that matter, we’re animal lovers, and this new website is dog and cat friendly. We can only assume you have a pet if you landed on this site, however you may have a pet parent friend you’re looking for a Christmas present for. Either or, Majestic Pet Products is a great new site to order new custom cat bed (and dogs too) just the way you want them.

Our animals love to sit in soft comfy spots whether the couch or their own bed. It’s always best to have their lie down spot in the same room as your family spends most of it’s time. This way, your pet does not feel alone or isolated when they want to lie down. Majestic Pet Products has a wide range of new and custom products in collars, cat trees and cat condos and our favorite the new custom cat beds.

Custom Pet Beds, made to order.

You can pick various colors in solid or pattern for the outside and inner portion of the beds. You then choose your size based on whether a Bengal Cat, Golden Retriever or Great Dane. There’s a size of pet bed to fit all. You can also choose to embroider the side of the bed with your pet’s name in various fonts, for full customization to order new custom cat bed. A basic variation shown below.

Custom Bagel

from: Majestic Pet Products, Inc.

Cat Beds A-Plenty

If you’re looking for different styles of cat beds and don’t want to customize, there are many different versions to choose from as well. From burrowing to canopy to straight donut style. Some very nice examples pictured below. Each design comes in many different colors to choose from as well.

Suede Burrow Cat Bed – Rust Suede

This majestic pet bed canopy bed has a little cover for your kitty cat to hide in and feel protected and surrounded. Cats love to sit in caves or holes or dens. If you’ve seen your cat in a cardboard box then you’ll understand. Why not encourage them to sleep in a soft comfy bed from Majestic, customized the way you like it with one of these offerings.

Villa Canopy Cat Bed – Orange Villa

A little more standard shape donut with a canopy to boot. I personally love the orange color of this one as it would go well with my orange tabby cats. I have one who is especially fond of cardboard boxes and sitting in things he’s covered in. You can change the color of this cat bed to match your decor or your cat!

Dog and Cat Beds

If you’re looking for dog beds as well as cat beds, Majestic has a full range of different styles to keep you looking for hours. If your cat is like mine they will want to claim the dogs bed too. My two kings think they rule the roost. They are often found stretched out on the dogs bed and not their own. There’s some great cat pedestal beds here or, should I say, dog beds.

Fusion Round Dog Bed

Another great option in cat and dog beds here, so may colors to choose from for excellent customization. A big round fluffy pillow for your dog or cat to chill on. Fully customization with different patterns and colors to choose from. A basic cat bed with flair!

Trellis Memory Foam Dog Bed

Maybe your life isn’t round but it’s square. Or maybe your cat is a square. Nonetheless, you can choose a square pillowy soft piece of goodness for your furry friend. Again these all come in crazy color and pattern cofigs and you can make your own custom cat bed from Majestic that best suits your home and style.

Other Cat Products

Majestic Pet Products also has collars, leashes, and cat trees of various styles and designs. A wonderful site for all pet lovers to browse through. Once again, a great site to visit if you’re looking for yourself or a Christmas gift idea for someone in the family.

Certainly a Quirky Cat Products approved site and we recommend you check them out. If you’re looking for more gift ideas for Christmas or birthdays, we recommend our top ranked blog post. Click here for Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers 2019.

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