Must See Quirky Cat Products

In keeping up with our website namesake. We thought we’d do some scouring of the web for things a little bit wacky. Cat products for the quirky in all of us. Some of these may be just a little out there in design. Some of them may be just some great branding! We promise they will all be must see quirky cat products, in our weird minds anyway.

Quirky Cat Clothing

Nothing quite says, “you’re a quirky cat loving boss!” Like good cat featured outerwear. We recommend some of these shirts.

From that all-star dabbing cat to pronouncing your cat parenthood in the best and boldest way. The below hoodie will be turning heads. I recommend the bright red just to grab more attention. Red cars get more tickets statistics tell us, I’m sure red hoodies get more uhm, gazes.

Accessorize your quirky cat outfit with a kitty cat shoulder bag. Why not? Funky cat ears over the back top and a smiling half moon that looks like a smiling cat mouth. I’m sure it’s functional for putting things inside to carry around with you too.

You pretty much need a pair of cat paw socks to go with your shirts and handbag? I want some just to pester my cats with. I wonder if they’ll play with my toe beans?

Quirky Cat Home Products

Moving into our homes, so when we can finally invite folks over again we can proudly display our full on cat quirkyness. This must see quirky cat product comes with an odd stat. During the Christmas season this clock was the most clicked product from our website from our Best Cat Gifts post. Something like 10 times the amount of clicks than the next closest item. A timeless piece. Such a classic it gets a bigger picture.

What better way to show off your cat loving home and your quirky cat loving things than to have some funky pillows. Throw pillows on the couch. Throw pillows on the bed. Why not some cat throw pillows on the floor? As long as they have covers with cats on them, bring it. Please remember these are covers and pillows are needed with your order.

Cat Throw Pillow Cover
Art of War Throw Pillow Cover
Quirky Cat Products .. for the cats

We wouldn’t be proper cat parents if we didn’t spoil our kitties with some quirky cat products for them as well? We pretty much have to look out for them on our list of must see quirky cat products.

Must DNA Test Your Cat

DNA Test Your Cat With Basepaws. That’s right. I said DNA Test for your Cat. Basepaws has been around a few years now. They send you a kit in the mail for you to swab your kitties cheek. You then send the kit back (free shipping in Continental US) and a few weeks later you get a report. The report gives you breed data, health data, and things to watch out for as your cat ages in regards to DNA based illnesses. It also tells you how much, and which, wild cat DNA is in your furbaby. One of the coolest investments to make for all Quirky Cat Owners. NOTE: Check out our Coupons page for current Basepaws offers.

Quirky Sitting Areas For Cats

Most homes with cats have places for their cats to sit and chill out. Usually there’s a bed or a post or two. Treat your cat to its very own window perch. I think it will bring out that inner next level cat mom or dad pride. You can even get one for the car, if kitty likes car rides.

When your precious baby kitty isn’t watching the bugs and the birds in the window perch they can be chillaxing in their very own heated bed. Yes all quirky cat owners have heating pads just for the kitties don’t they? The product featured below only turns on when it senses your kitty on it. Pretty plug and forget and always a warm spot for your cat.

Heated Cat Bed

Perhaps not totally a totally must see quirky cat product but the next item takes it next level. A double decker, huge capacity water fountain. Holds 100oc of water in two separate levels to help older cats drink more easily. A water fountain is a must have for most cat owners and this one to me, is the grand daddy fountain to be proud of.

Large Cat Water Fountain

When not just any run of the mill scratching post will do, a life like cat tree is needed. Allow your kitty cat an outdoor oasis inside, with this post covered in leaves for camouflaged sneak attacks and privacy. Comes in three different sizes to suit your home, I think your cat will thank you.

Lifelike Cat Tree
Quirky Cat Litter Box

Not to be outdone we can’t just not discuss the litter box. An essential item for all cat owners, why settle for a run of the mill rectangular eyesore? I present to you this space aged design of the iPettie NOVA Cat Litter Box. It is fully enclosed with a rounded top. It also has a carbon filter to keep the smells down. A great package on Amazon with a 4.5 star rating / reviews. This unit comes with a complementary scoop and littler mat. With all those additions aside it just looks much more futuristic, cool and more fitting to a quirky cat owner.

iPettie NOVA Cat Litter Box

Ending off our list is probably my favorite item on the list. Catnip. All our furry buddies require a hit now and again don’t they? This isn’t just any run of the mill catnip. This is infused with maximum potency for your kitty. The reason this is on the list is because it’s plain great marketing. If us Canucks know anything, it’s how to make some good grass. The picture speaks a thousand words.

Cat Crack Catnip

Did we miss anything? Please feel free to enter into the comments what your favorite Must See Quirky Cat Products are, and I’ll review and perhaps add it to the list.

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