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Is Nom Nom a Good Wet Cat Food?

This is a Nom Nom review. We try to keep our cat food reviews as honest as possible and informative as possible. Is Nom Nom a good wet cat food? No. It’s the best wet cat food. Not only is it the best cat food, but it’s the best cat food delivery service online. This amazing food ticks two important boxes, especially in todays world. When going out can get you sick, order your cat food online and receive a top quality product.

Writing about great cat food is my passion because I love my kitties and I want to feed them healthy nutritious cat food. Nom Nom is considered the top cat food by many who have tried it and posted a Nom Nom Review. Nom Nom Delivers the Best Cat Food, period.

You may have found this article because you wanted to know what cat food is best? Or should we say what cat food is the best? Forget the homemade cat food idea, this is as close to it as you can get, designed by a vet and delivered to you weekly. We even have a Nom Nom coupon link for you to try it, at 50% off your first order.

Help Picking The Most Amazing Wet Cat Food

I spend enormous amounts of time standing in the cat food isle staring at can after can wondering what my cats want to eat this week. Wondering what’s the best cat food? Reading labels, checking flavors, looking at prices. What should I feed my cats? I do want to buy them the best cat food on the market. Literally I am downright fanatical about what’s the best cat food for them. Searching online I came across a fresh cat food product being delivered. Cat food delivery is a thing? Fresh cat food delivered is a thing? This is like The Farmer’s Dog for cat food. I was stupidly stoked to try Nom Nom’50% Off First Order

While this is a cat oriented site. Nom Nom also offers dog food. Much like The Farmer’s Dog, Nom Nom dog food is fresh made, human quality, delivered food. If you’re like me and also own a dog and are looking for the best dog food you can buy, Nom Nom has you covered. Follow the links to their page and you’ll easily find dog food options on their site.

Nom Nom Cat Delivers .. History

Founded in 2015 and originally headquartered in Oakland, CA, NomNom delivers healthy and nutritious dog and cat meals made with the freshest, restaurant-quality ingredients—all with the convenience of home delivery and free shipping. Nom Nom is now located in Nashville, Tennessee.

NomNom meals are cooked weekly in the company’s local FDA-compliant kitchen, individually proportioned, tailored to meet the specific nutrition needs of each dog or cat, and ready to serve with no preparation. This definitely sounds like something you should feed your cat, or at least give it a try.

Do Gorgeous Orange Tabby Cats Love Nom Nom Cat Food?

Finn & Poe are my current two little monsters who patrol the house and torment the dog. They are American Short Hair Orange Tabbies. Garfield cats. If you know anything about cats you know Orange Tabbies have some significant marking traits. Yes they are super affectionate and yes, one of them likes me way more than anyone else in the house which is very typical Orange Tabby behavior. What they also possess in the Orange Tabby vertical is their love of food. All food. No they are not picky eaters, they are ravenous scavengers.

This is why they need high quality cat food. This is how Nom Nom Delivers the Best cat food for my pals. The best cat food for nutrition so they don’t chonk out. I don’t have to give my cats special food because they won’t eat certain things. I need to provide them the best diet possible so they don’t over eat junk cat food.

From L-R – Finn & Poe

You may chuckle at this. I have first hand experience of feeding my cats less expensive cat food, only to watch them eat three times as much of it than something of higher quality. I may think I’m saving money by buying that less expensive brand, but they’re always hungry. They won’t stop wanting food. Dry cat food is especially bad for this. It’s simply not supplying them the right kind of nutrients in a quality cat food like a product like Nom Nom delivers. Feeding your cat ingredients that satisfy their hunger without junk fillers is very important for your cats health. Wondering what you can feed your cat to keep them healthy and not fat? You’ve landed in the right spot. Don’t forget we have a Nom Nom coupon link at the end of this article.

Does Nom Nom Cat food help control weight?

As a result of their love of all things food, I need to be a careful cat dad and make sure they don’t over eat and that their meal time food is high quality. This is why I spend so much time picking their food. Making sure it’s not low quality. Stuff I call, “McDonald’s for cats.” I call it this because I’m one of those love fast food types. I love a good McD’s burger just like the rest of us. Problem is it’s empty calories. I’m hungry 30 minute after I eat it. That’s the same feeling cats get when they eat garbage, cheap food. Hungry 30 minutes later. Eat more. Get fat. Health problems to follow.

I was so happy to learn about Nom Nom to their ingredients and recipes. Recipes are made of a handful of ingredients: meat, vegetables, healthy oils, and vitamin and nutrient blend. No additives, no artificial ingredients. No empty calories or fillers. Nom Nom delivers the best cat food. Nom Nom delivers healthy, high quality cat food.

Meals are pre packaged for a healthy portion for your kitty cats. Just tear open the package and pour into bowl. You know your cat is getting the right amount of high quality, human grade food. This process is established in the ordering procedure. Asking questions about your cat to tailor the amount just for them. You won’t get that without expensive consultation from your vet about the perfect amounts. Nom Nom provides this for you. This is a number one factor into which cat food is best, and why Nom Nom cat food is top of the heap.

What happened when this amazing cat food was delivered?

My mind was not concerned on whether my cats would eat this food. I know my cats and their love for munching. Both of them happily gobbled the Fresh Food that was delivered to my door on schedule. What I’ve noticed is both of them starting tearing around the house a little more than normal. Finn has the tendency to occasionally barf up some of his food after eating, and he not once done this with Nom Nom’s offering. Poe is maintaining his current healthy weight. Both cats seem content and their coats are soft and shiney.

I’m very impressed by the overall response in both my cat’s to this product. Sometimes we just don’t really believe the difference quality food can make in our pets until we try it for a month and see for ourselves. Yeah that’s just gobbly gook we say. Or I say, but you get the point. We honestly saw a huge difference in thicker, shinier fur and energy with our cats feeding them Nom Nom. Still needing to know if Is Nom Nom a Good Wet Cat Food? Keep on reading. Or you’re just looking for that Nom Nom cat food coupon code. 🙂

Fresh and Delivered. Nom Nom Cat Food Highlights.

  • All meals are delivered fresh, not frozen.
  • Always free delivery—with weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options available depending on location to all 48 contiguous US states
  • Auto-delivery as a subscription.
  • All packaging is recyclable.
  • Customers can pause, update, edit, or cancel anytime.
  • NomNom offers a Care-grade guarantee: if customers don’t see the difference of the fresh NomNom diet can make after 30 days of eating NomNom will buy their next pets next order ($40 limit).
  • All food is prepared in a human-grade kitchen that NomNom 100% owns and controls, in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Their kitchen team inspects all ingredients upon arrival, and NomNom only uses those that meet our high standards.

Nom Nom Cat Food is Developed by a Leading Expert

There are fewer than 100 board certified veterinary nutritionists in the US, and Dr. Justin Shmalberg is one of them. Nom Nom delivers the best cat food derived from Dr. Shmalberg’s recipes. He creates each Nom Nom recipe to the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Food Nutrient Profiles. He believes (and we agree) that feeding our pets well is the best way to prevent chronic disease. Imagine fresh cat food delivered, designed by someone who specializes in keeping your cat healthy with food. Still asking yourself what the best cat food is?

Orange Tabby Licking Lips After Nom Nom Meal

Only the best top quality Wet Cat Food Ingredients

Nom Nom only uses the best ingredients in their cat food. They have two specific recipes designed for cats. As you’ll see below, only human grade, high quality ingredients go into their meals. This is literally ingredients a lot of us have in our fridges and cupboards. Human grade food, for your cat. Here’s a list of the ingredients to show help with Is Nom Nom a Good Wet Cat Food?

Nom Nom Chicken Cuisine
  1. Chicken Thigh
  2. Chicken Breast
  3. Carrots
  4. Chicken Liver
  5. Asparagus
  6. Cantaloupe
  7. Spinach
Nom Nom Chicken Cuisine Nutritional Information
  • Crude Protein 18%
  • Crude Fat 4%
  • Moisture 73%
  • Crude Fibre 0.8%
  • Ingredients: Chicken thigh, chicken breast, chicken liver, carrots, asparagus, cantaloupe, spinach, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, salt, taurine, choline bitartrate, zinc gluconate, ferrous sulfate, vitamin E supplement, copper gluconate, manganese gluconate, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), selenium yeast, riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin B12 supplement, cholecalciferol (source of vitamin D3), potassium iodide.

How Does Nom Nom Arrive?

Nom Nom ships their food to you in individual packets you put into the fridge and feed your cat daily. The packaging is a weeks supply that goes into your fridge when you receive it. Remember this is fresh pet food with human grade ingredients. A photo of their packaging below.

Nom Nom Packaging

Not Many Wet Cat Foods Compare to Nom Nom Delivery Cat Food

As you can see from the list of ingredients above, your cat is well looked after. Nom Nom cat calls their food human grade cat food, meaning, you could eat this yourself. Why not give your cat the best wet cat food on the market that would be suitable for you to eat as well.

Leading Web Reviews
5 Stars Everywhere

If you don’t want to take just our word for it. We told you in our first line other Nom Nom reviews say the same thing. We say Nom Nom delivers the best cat food and we aren’t alone in our thoughts! Here’s what some other wanna be like Quirky Cat Products review sites have to say about Nom Nom. We told you we weren’t the only ones picking NomNom (formally Now Nom Now) in their Nom Nom Cat Food Reviews for which cat food is best?

“The results have been beyond my highest expectations.” — iHeartDogs

“Most of all I love that I’m giving my pets top-notch food that I hope will contribute to their longevity and overall wellbeing.” — Buzzfeed

“Not only did he lick his bowl cleaner than I’ve ever seen, he went back looking for more. Several times.” — NBC News

“We think Nom Nom is the most well-rounded and convenient option on the market. Your pets will thank you, too.” —

“She’s like a different cat now — so excited for meal time, much more vocal, and just a happier kitty overall” — Business Insider

Try Fresh Food Delivered to Your Door.

This is such a premium product you need to try it for yourself. I really encourage you to give it 30 days with your cats because it really is what you should be feeding your cats. Nom Nom Delivers Fresh Cat Food to you. Nom Nom makes High Quality food for your cat or dog that even you could eat yourself. We are lucky enough to offer our readers some Nom Nom coupons to try your first batch. You won’t be sorry you did. It’s the absolute best thing in the pet market right now. Link is below.

Cat Recipes Page – 50% Off Promo


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