Death Wish Coffee Review – The World’s Strongest Coffee

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Cats Posing With Death Wish Coffee

Discovering Death Wish Coffee

I love coffee. Pretty much been a staple in my hand since my late teens when I acquired a taste for it. I come by it honestly as my parents always had a pot going while I was growing up. This is why I’m writing the Death Wish Coffee Review on my cat page. The love of coffee grabbed hold more as work and volunteering happened outside of high school complete with cold environments, early mornings and long days. While seeing recent Facebook ads for another coffee brand, I went looking on Amazon for it. Instead of finding it, I came across Death Wish Coffee. What is this evil marketing to me I thought? I’m a sucker for this type of thing. Strong Coffee? Yes! 200% more caffeine than a normal cup of joe? Sign me up! So I tried it and am writing the Death Wish Coffee Review – The World’s Strongest Coffee.

I had to tell my wife about this. She knows I’m a coffee junkie but doesn’t share the same gene. She’ll drink one a day and that’s enough for her. Instant strike against Death Wish Coffee is, well, it’s not cheap. Of course my wife points this out but I went, “but look it’s got the skull and cross bones on the label!” Eye rolls ensue. I leave it alone for a while but keep getting emails now from Amazon about this coffee. You know the ones, “You might like this product” subjects in my emails. Damn you Amazon.

Death Wish Coffee – The World’s Strongest Coffee

Death Wish Coffee Logo

The what you need to know part of this article. In 2012, Death Wish Coffee Co. started in a small coffee shop in Saratoga Springs, NY. Founder Mike Brown saw a need for coffee that was both strong and delicious to serve his groggy morning customers. He created a blend that boasts a 200% higher caffeine content than a regular cup of coffee. They boast on their webpage that if it isn’t the strongest coffee you’ve ever tried, they’ll give you a refund.

Surprised with The World’s Strongest Coffee

Back to me. Father’s Day arrived and guess what. My lovely wife remembered me. She had ordered me up a box of Death Wish Coffee – The World’s Strongest Coffee. Wow! I finally get to try the beast. It came in the below box, with a bag of coffee inside and a cool skull and cross bones sticker inside. I still don’t know what to do with the sticker. Must put it somewhere it will last. I liked it so much I had bring it up in this Death Wish Coffee Review.

Opening and Tasting Death Wish Coffee

The time has come! I open the bag and expect one of those moments anyone who loves coffee can relate to. That first room filling waft of amazing coffee smell from a fresh bag. I was literally vibrating thinking of this. I opened the bag and inhaled. This is when my only disappointment with this product happened. Not a lot of aroma. It smelled of coffee but not anywhere near the potency I expected. The best way to describe it was that it smelt not fresh. Like the coffee in the tin that is half empty. Still smells like coffee but not nearly as fresh or great when it was first opened. I was not deterred.

Ninja Coffee Maker

In the coffee maker it goes. As you can imagine being a coffee lover I do not have just a regular run of the mill pot. No, I had to buy the Ninja Coffee Bar for myself. I’ll write a review one day but below is pictured and a link to Amazon for more details on this beautiful, awesome machine.

Ninja Coffee Bar

Tasting the Coffee

It has happened. The kitchen was full of the smell of coffee. The Ninja has spoken with it’s I’m finished beep. I grab my favorite mug and pour myself out a giant bucket full of self proclaimed ‘World’s Strongest Coffee.’ The first sip is on my lips. I expected Starbucks like bitterness. It was totally different. Not over powering like a lot of dark roasts I’ve tried. It has a strong coffee flavor with a slight earthy note. Almost a little but like aged coffee, but not in a bad way. It finishes extremely smooth almost like a doughnut shop coffee. Another sip, same result. Brilliant delicious coffeeness and not a lot of after taste burnt bitter re Starbucks. I could drink this all day. I really expected it to be more like an espresso and not a smooth delicious all day drink.

Now for the fun part. That caffeine kick. I wasn’t sure how my body would react. See, my first taste of this coffee was mid day AFTER I had already had my first few cups that day. Being that I am a coffee fanatic and probably a caffeine addict this didn’t scare me much. I do have to say, I felt great. I had a lot of energy and a nice clear head. The next morning would be the true test though.

Early Morning Coffee Kick

Monday morning after Father’s Day was going to be the true test of Death Wish Coffee. I wanted to know how I’d feel with it at 5:45am. In the travel mug it goes off to work with me. When I call my coffee mug a bucket I’m not kidding. It’s one of those giant travel mugs the size of a thermos that keeps my coffee hot all morning.

This is a caffeine kick if there ever was one. Still a great tasting coffee and by the time my first hour was in at work I was flying high. That 200% extra caffeine was wonderful for me. I felt great at work until about 1pm. I think it wore off me by then. Average coffee drinkers might not peter out that fast but for me, I needed more to get me through the rest of my shift. However, that first 7 hours was the best I’d felt at work in months. A true winner this coffee!

General Thoughts on The Coffee

As a kind of review within the review of our Death Wish Coffee Review, I’d like to summarize here a little. The downsides of this brand are it’s cost and that underwhelming first opening. The highlight has to be that wow factor kick from the extra caffeine. While it’s not the best tasting coffee ever, it’s certainly good. Combined the passable coffee taste and the energy whack it provides caffeine addicts like myself, it’s a definitive winner.

If you love coffee as much as we do, you probably love your mugs too. Please check out our post on the best cat mugs while you’re here. Perhaps you’ll grab a mug with your Death Wish Coffee from Amazon.

Other Cool Death Wish Coffee Items

Well, because branding is everything, Death Wish has some other cool branded products. I thought I’d share a sampling of some that I found that I like.

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    1. Probably not a super scientific answer here for you. I have the Ninja cover maker and it has it’s own scoop. I made a full pot with four level large spoons of the coffee. I’m guessing it’s 4 TBSP for 12 cups of water.

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