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We’ve all done it. Got lost in Instagram searches or google searches or in the case of a blogger, keyword searches. With Instagram and Pinterest all the rage these days photos of cats with hats is ballooning in popularity. You can no longer just have a cute cat, you need to have a cute cat with a hat. Cats Hats is all about the Quirky world of cat ownership. We’re going to show you some, where to buy and hopefully your cat will become an IG star too.. and still like you.

Ryo Yamazaki

Cats In Hats came to fame in 2016 with the help of Website hosting site and builder GoDaddy. An actress felt her cats needed some more bling, and began photographing them and making hats for cats. GoDaddy came in and helped with website building and SEO. Of course everyone thought this was a crazy idea and she was insane, however, the Quirky world of cat owners and IG made it famous and popular; spawning a huge market and interest in cat hat photos and cat hat designs.

Now you really do need to have a good relationship with your cat to put hats on them and make it so they don’t find the closest hiding spot of shame. The right personality cat is pretty much a must have if you want to dress them up. I’d expect you’d need to start them as kittens with collars and things on their heads in baby steps. Unless you have a super mellow fellow your initial photog work might be an exercise in frustration. I imagine you may be taking photos of your cat under the couch trying to rip that hat into shreds.

Cowboy Kitty Cats Hats

Fun fact, there are vending machines in Japan with hats for your cats. Luckily, we has Amazon.

We list pictures below of some of the Quirkiest Hats on Amazon for Cats. The pictures are links so you can go buy one or ten for your babies. Disclaimer, please don’t torture your cats putting on the hats.

I really do like the lion look for my cat. It matches his orange. Amazon has a great lion outfit.

You could of course go with the ever popular bunny ears. This cat looks super impressed to be the prey and not the predator.

Because we know cats love water, a sailor outfit might be the perfect choice.

Depending on when you read this page, Christmas just might be right around the corner. We do love Santa Cat as well.

Reindeer Cat? Anyone?

Unicorn Cats DO exist!!

I do believe cats to be highly intelligent creatures and a gift from the universe. Nothing speaks to this more than a wise wizard cat. Have to be honest on this one, not sure how this is going to stay on your cats head for long.. I guess it just has to be two seconds for the purrfect instagram Gandalf Cat shot.

I’m feeling a bit hungry, perhaps a banana?

Maybe I don’t want a banana, but a dragon fruit instead.

We’re going to keep going down this rabbit hole because well, it’s fun, and there are just so many goofy cat hats to show off.

Keep your cat away from Thanksgiving Turkey because the turkey is on his head!

It was the awiens.

No shortage of options for your Cats Hats needs. If you’re going to dress up your cat for Instagram or Pinterest Fame, we recommend you make it up to them by giving them the best damn food and treats on the market today. What is that you ask? Well, it’s Nom Nom Now of course. Read about it here for more info, and, we are even giving you 50% off your first order.

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