Ryker the Wannabe Service Dog

Ryker Service Dog I know this is a cat blog, but sometimes the dogs just want their Quirky time too! We animal lovers we can all be amazed at the genius some service animals display in their roles. From guiding the blind to sniffing out ilicit drugs, these dogs, cats and bunnies delight us and […]

Best Pet Subscription Services

It’s the golden age of online shopping. Pretty much anything we’d ever want is available to order online, and receive in a very timely fashion. From underwear to TV’s, we have multiple options on today’s web for any product we could wish for. The newest budding trend in online ordering are subscription services. With these […]

The Five Best Cat Scratching Posts on Amazon

If you have a cat and you don’t have a big scratching post you need to rectify this issue ASAP. –Oh by the way, your cat called and he’s pissed! The Five Best Cat Scratching Posts on Amazon may change from time to time. We will try to update this list as new items become […]