Cat Tracking Collar – Never Lose Your Cat Again

It has to be the worst feeling in the world as a pet parent. Calling your cat in and nothing happens. Shaking the treat bag by the door and, nothing. Where is he? Is he hurt or trapped? Is he just being a cat jerk and not wanting to come in? The web is full of sad stories of missing pets. Never lose your cat again by attaching a cat tracking collar on him. It’s one of the best investments you will make if you let your cat outside. Have the ability and peace of mind with the ability to find your cat if he’s trapped somewhere. We think Tabcat is one of the best options on the market.

There is no shortage of options in today’s technology filled world. We here at Quirky Cat Products did some research and found that RF locating collars are the most effective at finding your cat. Below is a summary of why GPS collars might not be the best for your cat.

Downsides to GPS Cat Tracking Collars

  • 1. Too large – Obvious one to start off with but larger GPS tags are uncomfortable. Many state they can be used on cats but they’ve been designed for larger dogs not cats.
  • 2. Too heavy – Weight of anything around your cats neck should be kept to an absolute minimal. When you compare the Tabcat Tag at 6 grams / 0.21 ounces compared with GPS tags you can immediately see GPS tags are just too heavy.
  • 3. GPS Battery power hungry – The idea of being able to see exactly where your cat is on your phone is ideal. The trouble is in practice it doesn’t quite work like this. GPS is inherently power hungry so when trying to locate, you need frequent location updates (say every 10 seconds). Due to the limited size of the battery it’s easy for the battery to run out before locating. If GPS tags are actively used they’ll need to be charged up at least twice a week.
  • 4. Accuracy – GPS needs a sim card like you have in your phone to transmit its location. If there’s poor reception on that network, in that area GPS won’t report. Location also typically varies from about 8 metre to significantly more. As GPS works best outdoors often there can be a loss of signal when they’re indoors – not ideal if they’ve got stuck in someone else’s house / garage / shed. Lastly with some of the hiding places we’ve seen cats get into a greater level of accuracy is needed to pin point their location.
  • 5. Monthly subscriptions – You’ll tend to find they’ll be a monthly subscription to cover ongoing tracking costs. Compare the total costs over a 3 or 5 year period and you could be surprised
  • 6. How far does your cat really wander ? – Cats tend to be pretty territorial and whilst there’s the exception most stay pretty local to where they live as demonstrated in a BBC Horizon documentary. This can easily be covered by walking the area with your Tabcat and once in range specifically guide you to their exact location.

Never Lose your cat with Tabcat RF

Tabcat, a device that clips on to your cats collar. It’s lightweight and comes in a few different colors. It’s paired to an RF receiver device that helps you find your cat with lights and beeps. Yes you can track your cat easily with a cat track collar that beeps. Well the receiver beeps as you get close to him. This is the best cat tracking collar design since it is not blocked by line of sight to a GPS satellite.

We love what Tabcat offers. A simple, effective solution that doesn’t require monthly fees or cellphone plans or wifi coverage. Something that will help you if you take your cat camping or if it’s just got out in the ‘hood somewhere. When your cat got trapped in your house and you can find him with ease. When my cats were younger they were very good at going into rooms, getting in a playfight and closing the door behind them. One of them trapped themselves in a bathroom downstairs for most of the day until we realized he hadn’t show his face in a while. It took us a while to find him, not expecting he’d be in a downstairs bathroom. Never lose your cat again with Tabcat.

Train your cat with a collar that beeps

Tabcat also has a unique feature in that you can use it to train your cat to come home or in at night. When you press the locator button on the handset, it sends a signal which beeps on your cats collar. You can then train your cat to associate the beep with a treat. When he’s outside you can press the button signaling the beep, and likely your cat will come running for his nightly treats. This beats calling and waking up your neighbors late at night trying to get Mr. Night Owl inside. The best cat tracking collar that signals to your cat it’s time to come in as well.

Features of Tabcat Collar

As someone who has lost a cat in the past, save yourself that anguish by always knowing where he is. Get yourself and your cat a cat tracking collar. Features of Tabcat below:

  1. Directional Technology – Follow audio and visual cues to find your cat much more accurately than GPS.
  2. Small, Light, Splashproof – Weighing just .2 ounces in a durable case, easy to attach to any cat collar.
  3. Long Range – Up to 400 ft. Walk around until the signal is found and follow the cues to 1 inch of your cat.
  4. Optional Extra Tags – Comes with two but more can be purchased if you have more cats, or use them on your keys or wallet to find them easily as well.
  5. One Payment – No monthly tracking or subscription fees. Pay once and always find your cat. Anywhere you are.
  6. Tabcat Battery Life – Battery lasts up to one year and is easy to replace with common CR2032 found in most stores that sell batteries.

Tabcat is $99.99 and you can check out more about them by clicking any of the links on their name within this article.

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