Cat Tower, Cat Tree, or Cat Scratching Post? You Choose.

Cat tree, cat tower, or cat scratching post you ask? What should I really search for or pick out for my cat. There isn’t really a wrong answer to this question however there would be some guidelines. I listed these three items in this order while posing the question because cats like to be high up, they like trees and plants and well, they scratch. The cat scratching maybe should be first on the list, but why not kill all three birds with one stone. We will dive into some of the best options in cat towers and cat scratching posts and throw in maybe a wrinkle or two with some modern cat wall perches and jungle gyms for good measure.

What should I look for in a cat tower?

First things first. Build quality. Buying an eight foot $25 cat tower from some unknown seller or website is going to be a bad idea. Let’s be honest, your cat is going to rip up and down this thing. Its going to roll around and play with toys and perhaps even fight with it’s playmate cat. (You should always have at least two.) My orange tabby cats love their towers. They play king of the hill on it. It takes a beating. Don’t buy cheap cat furniture it’s going to break and fall over. Falling over is bad for your cat and bad for your other household items in the near vicinity.

Also a concern would be cheap fabrics and potential health risks associated with that to your cat. Please always buy quality items for your cat, to keep them safe and happy and healthy.

Top Cat Tower Suggestions

First thing you want to do is find the highest tower you can fit into your living space. Your cats love to be high. They love to climb. Allow them this by picking something at least five feet high to be a true cat tower. We like this particular cat tower from Amazon because it looks well made and is over the required height.

Multi-Level Cat Tower
Multi Level Cat Tower 2

Another Cat Tower Option

Furthering our suggestive options for great cat towers for your best friends, we show off this multi level cat play tower with dangly balls and hidey holes and multiple cat perching options. We know your furry friends will find this 69.3″ tall tower the cats you know what. It comes in a whole variety of colors almost too many to mention and the feature list is long and below the picture.

Tiger Tower Cat Tree

Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tower Features

  • ENTERTAINMENT: The cat tree playground features fun activities to keep your favorite feline entertained, such as scratching posts, plush ball toys, a dangling prey mouse toy, and an engaging cat IQ busy box
  • SCRATCH POST: The scratching posts are wrapped in sisal fiber, which carries the rough, bark-like texture of a tree to better satisfy your cat’s instinctual need to scratch; the material is also highly durable for long-lasting, economical use
  • COZY SURFACE: The platforms and condos are lined with plush faux fur that is luxuriously soft and gentle on both noses and paws for enhanced play and lounging comfort
  • LOUNGING SPACE: The cat tower comes with a two apartment condos, both of which provide cozy nestling spaces for your pet to curl up and snuggle in ultimate comfort
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Silver Gray; 19.7″ x 19.7″ x 69.3″
  • AVAILABLE VARIANTS: The cat playground comes in Cream and Silver Gray
  • EASY CARE: Pets can present some unique cleaning challenges, which is why Furhaven made sure that the cat tree playground is easy to clean for your convenience
  • CUSTOMER ASSURANCE: The product comes with a 90-day limited coverage against material defects and may also qualify for our 60-Day Worry-Free Program; but restrictions apply: purchases from unauthorized third-party resellers may not be covered by Furhaven

What is a Cat Tree?

A cat tree is similar to a cat tower but to me, it’s got a tree like look to it and has fake leaves for your kitty to hide behind and in.

Cats love to hide and pounce. Furthermore if you experience a cat in the wild outdoors, they do love bushes and trees. Sleeping under them and using their leaves for camoflauge is a national past time for kitty cats. Lets give them this excitement indoors with some great cat tree options for scratching and hiding and jumping out at your legs.

On2 Pets Cathaven Cat Tree

Full Cat Tree
Cat Tree with Cat hiding

This cat tree is a perfect example of a plant or tree like post with perches inside for your kitty to hang out and play in. Available from Amazon it might be a great Prime day purchase for your cat. I mean why buy anything on Amazon Prime day for yourself, Prime day is for cats! 🙂 $127 dollar price tag is worth it for a top notch cat tree with leaves for your cats.

Maybe a cat climbing wall is best of all

I remember seeing a video online of a cat play room with Mario mushrooms on the ceiling and a couple cats doing the run up the wall and hanging on to the roof. I believe it was a hugely successful viral video of what you can do to keep your cat entertained when money is no option. Thankfully for us mere mortals there are different levels of crazy cat wall perches and bridges and such to fit any budget. Buy 15 or two and it’s still a high place for your cat to climb and hang out on.

There’s a great site who custom designs cat wall perches and cat climbing wall bridges including different designs that are interchangeable.

Catastrophic Juggernaut

Cat Bridge

More About Catastrophic Cat Furniture

Catastrophic Cat Furniture has an array of designs and customizations. You can really only need to pick one or two perches to start. They will all hold up to 8 cats of weight which should allow you some piece of mind when your kitties are wrestling for the best spot at the top. Safety is of ultimate importance.

In business since 2013, a little blurb on Catastrophic:

Catastrophic Creations started way back in 2013 after we brought our first cat, Ickle, home. As we were outfitting our home for him, we started noticing that a lot of the furniture out there looked very similar and a bit outdated. So we started playing around with some unconventional ideas and making them ourselves. At that time, we were building the furniture from our third story apartment, waiting to run our miter saw and sander after our downstairs neighbor went to work.

Sometimes it feels good to support smaller businesses online with a great story who love cats. Check them out for sure!

Your Cat Tower or Tree needs to fit your home.

Remember the style of cat tower, cat tree or cat scratching post you pick has to fit within your home and the decor. As long as you stick to a good size, good quality and allow your cats to be high and have something to scratch on. Your cat will be happier be able to climb and furthermore this should keep them off areas they shouldn’t really be on.

Feel free to always shoot us a message if you have questions about suitability of something for your cat. We try a lot of things here.

Cats get energy to climb from food

We know you are here to look at cat tower, cat tree, or cat scratching post however we have a passion for cats and their health as well. Would you want to see your cat with more energy? How about having a shinier coat? You can achieve this with proper nutrition and food. Check out our review of the best cat food on the market while you’re here. It’s even delivered to your door and won’t break the bank. You won’t be sad to check it out.

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