Cat Teeth Cleaning Tips

Cat teeth cleaning tips are a lost health need for most cats. Facebook posts full of smiley cats playing with the fishy toothbrush should be an eye opener for some of us. Cat oral health is a major cause of pain and sometimes death in cats as they age. There are ways we can minimize this with some solid practices and toys to help keep our cats teeth clean.

Treats for Cat Teeth Cleaning

I’ve always given my cats ‘dental cleaning’ treats. Made it exciting for them to chew on a hard treat to clean their teeth. Seemed way easier than trying to hold open Poe’s mouth and clean his chompers. I’m pretty sure this would end up badly for me. Boss kitty no like dad in his mouth unless he’s being a big bad hunter cat on my fingers. (within reason of course). I did do some reading and found out that cat dental treats have a lot of sugar in them which can kind of defeat the purpose of the dental treat. Now, I don’t think all treats are created equal by any stretch of the imagination. My cats go crazy for the catnip flavoured ones as seen below. Like crazy. Like love them.


Toys For Cat Teeth Cleaning

With that in mind, wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to clean you cats teeth and have them think they were playing at the same time? Enter the cat toy shaped like a fishy that’s also a toothbrush and sometimes called smiley kitty. I tested these out. They weren’t too expensive on Amazon. Well I have to say, Finn & Poe decides these things were a great new add on to the reportoire of things to chew on. Finn has a duck toy he carries around from room to room like a dog does with a stuffy or ball. I haven’t had too many cats in my life that have done that, but now the fishy toothbrush filled with catnip is the go to, ‘look what I have Dad” carry thing.

They come in packs of three, I’d recommend getting a few so if they end up under the couch when you aren’t home you don’t need to go digging for it to keep kitty happy. My cats are chewing and booting and tossing them around like crazy and that entertains me. I love seeing my little pals play with things I buy them and it feels great thinking its helping them.

Eutreec Catnip Filled Toothbrush

Cat Oral Health

Some cat oral health education I’ve come across in my research of this toy and it’s benefits:

  1. Seventy percent of cats over the age of three have signs of dental disease. These cats usually never receive any care or treatment at home.
  2. Plaque on your cats teeth can quickly build up and spread to other areas of the body, causing health problems that seem unrelated to their teeth but were caused by.
  3. Make sure to have your vet check your cat’s teeth on regular visits.
  4. Brush your cats teeth if possible.

I recommend you try the cat toothbrush fish toy that looks like a dolphin if you can. Your cat is likely going to love their new toy as much as mine did and perhaps it’s helping their oral health like the manufacturer claims it is. It certainly can’t hurt .A few options below as well.

If you want more cat health products check out or story on holistic medicines and vendors available for your cat’s continued health by click here.

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