Cat Products You’ve Seen on Facebook

Have you been at work or on the road or waiting for a friend somewhere, scrolling Facebook and come across a cool cat product? You saw it. thought, “wow, wouldn’t my cat love that?” Crunched for time like you were, buying at that time just wasn’t an option. Being an ad you may have looked for it later but Facebook said NO, and wouldn’t show it to you again? There’s been some pretty neat stuff of late I think my cats and your cats would LOVE, so here’s my service to you. I’ll show off those products (from my memory) and where you can buy them. The list of Cat Products You’ve Seen on Facebook.

One more thing before I get into the list. I’m a poster child for Facebook ad algorithm cat products. I own two cats, spend money online, like and share almost anything cat related, post pictures of my own cats and gush over others. My feed usually had a cat somewhere in it, so, I see all these ads. Multiple times. Some of them I go, “no way.” Most of the time I go, “Awwww..” This is my new age “As Seen on TV” attempt.

The Cat Banana Bed.

Yes, the Cat Banana Bed. The ad showed the banana with cute kitties sleeping, rolling and poking their heads out of this cat cave shaped like a fruit. It was a super fun video to watch and I visualized my two spoiled furbabies battling over who got to sit in there. The proverbial cat king of the hill game, but this time we’d have to call it King of the Banana. I literally was tempted to buy this right then and there on Facebook. You can get it still on Amazon.

The Cat Litter Catching Mat.

We all have this problem. Cat litter stuck in cat paws. Cat litter flying out of the box. Kitties dragging that litter on their toes all over the house. Kitty litter stuck in the vacuum and plugging it up. Minimize this with a great idea which is the kitty litter mat. The ad on Facebook showed all the above problems, with a handy mat that separates on the ends to dump the caught litter back into the litter box. A great product and also an Amazon choice. Readily available.

The Marshmellow Cat Bed

Video ad of cute kitties snoring, snuggling and peering at us over the soft furry sides of a donut shaped bed. Places to burrow inside and rest their heads along the side of it. A very much needed pet product in general so your dog or cat has a place to sleep all their own. Great marketing on this one. No shortage of products just like it on Amazon and other places. The closest match to the one picture in the video below.

The Cat Tongue Brush

One of my personal favorites. This one was so laugh inducing it probably got viral shares. The brush you hang on to in your mouth and pretend you’re licking your cat. A true bonding experience for your babies and you. I have a licker for a cat, he likes to groom me and I tend to groom him back with my beard as he snuggles on my chest. Oh how I know he’d love it if I had this item. Available in various colors on Amazon, and often is sold out.

Interactive Cat Ball

Not sure this is the exact model of the toy ball the moves around on its own as I saw on Facebook and IG, but, we can pretty much call it one and the same. My one cat loves chasing tin foil balls or ping pong balls around the house. Problem is they end up under the couch in less than a minute. Perhaps this one would wiggle its way back out from under the couch. A Short video preview and product link.

Amazon Link

Catnip Filled Fish

One of the more recent ones for me. Video ad on Facebook shows cats going bonkers over these lookalike fishies with the catnip inside. Rolling and clawing and tossing, looks like fun. Fairly cheap item here, comes in five pack on Amazon for $5. Seems like a no brainer for quirky cat fans.

Pretty Litter

The next Cat Products You’ve Seen on Facebook and the grand master of all Kitty Litter and Cat Litter ads. Very aggressive social media ad campaign and I’m sure you’ve seen it if you’re on Facebook and have a cat. Ultimately one of the best cat litters on the market if budget is no option. Odor free, dust free, health monitoring and delivered to your door. We like Pretty Litter here and have a dedicated post to saying why. If you’ve ever experienced a beloved cat with a UTI because clumping cat litter = evil, you want Pretty Litter in your box.

Human Socks with Cat Paws On Them

Kind of one of my personal favorite Facebook Ad items. I get cold feet in the winter and love wool socks. These cute socks have drawings and markings on them to make your feel look like cat paws. My wife thinks I’m crazy but I want a pair or two, just for around the house. Amazon has a bunch of different options however the ones in the picture are pretty much the same as in the ad. Literally less that $3 a pair.

Cat Bubble Backpack

Yes. The one and only. The quirkiest cat product of them all in my mind gets to book end this first addition. The Cat Bubble BackPack is probably the Cat Products You’ve Seen on Facebook secret obsession for all of us. Yes, I want one. Would I want walk around the hood with my cat, yes! Would I? Well, maybe! Certainly takes your cat to the vet in style and would be a conversation piece anywhere. Different styles available but one pictures is my fav.

Think we missed any? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Cat Nip Licking Ball

You may have seen the ad recently. Cats chewing and licking this item stuck on to the wall or the table top. My two cats love catnip (like most cats!) and they’d go crazy for this. I’d have to order multiples to have them available for both so no fights! Not an expensive item and I’m sure your cats would love them!

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