Awesome Cat Bowls Shaped Like Cats

We love modern designs. We love cat bowls shaped like cats even more. Gone are the days where our cats bowls were plain round steel troughs for them to goop their food out of. If your cat bowls aren’t shaped like a cats head well, you’re doing it wrong. I actually think I’d like to eat my cereal out of one. Who says I can’t? Nobody. We’ve simple found a great collection of cat bowls shaped like cats and we want to sing it to the world. These things are just plain stupendous. Awesome. Best cat bowls ever. Am I getting too excited?

Cat Bowls Shaped Like Cats for My Cereal

I wasn’t kidding. I don’t eat a lot of cereal due to my body disliking straight milk, but, oatmeal, that would work. These sleek edged beautiful bowls would do nicely just for me.

Black Bowl Set of 2

I chose to show the black cat shaped bowls but they come in various colors just like this. I’m sure you can imagine me eating my oatmeal out of these, but, they are mainly designed for your, or my cats. Did I mention I have two voracious eating orange tabby cats?

Raised and Angled Cat Food Bowls Help Digestion

If you have food loving cats like my orange tabby cat aka velciraptor cats, you may have a similar issue. One of my baddies gorges his food. He eats so happily and excitedly he pukes it back up in the bowl. If you ever wonder why your cat throws up his food occasionally, their penchant for eating too fast combined with the bad angle of a flat bottom dish is likely a culprit.

Angled Cat Food Bowl
photo source unknown.

See your cat has a very small opening in their throat for food to pass through. If they push their heads down into a flat, low bowl, it pinches this area even smaller. A cat eating quickly with his neck compressed, much like my maniac orange tabby eats, the food comes back out instead of down. This is how an angled cat food bowl can help reduce vomiting in your cat.

Cat Shaped Food Bowls with Stand

A really great option is a raised stand that tilts the bowl toward your cat. There are some great modern designs here as well and also come with the cat bowl shaped like a cat to boot. See, we like this. Cat ears are cute.

If you don’t like the wood designed platform, they come in different colors as well for your choosing. Check out the below photo for some brilliant cat bowls.

Single Cat Bowls Raised by Cat Bodies

When you thought the cat bowls shaped like cats couldn’t get any better, we held back the best for last. These fancy dancy bowls incorporate a cat body bottom complete with tummy and little legs raising the bowl to the desired height. We like these a lot, and I’m not sure I want to give these to my cat or serve fruit in them. I’ll have to decide later.

Where to Buy these Cat Bowls

You can find these bowls and many other great cat products at Vivipet. We have included links to their webpage by clicking the pictures and anywhere we mention the word Vivipet. I’m sure you’ll get lost on their site looking at the great cat products they offer. We do hope you’ll visit us back sometime after, very soon! 🙂

If you’re looking for the best darn cat food to put in your new fancy cat bowls shaped like a cat, please check out our review of Nom Nom. It’s simply the best food you can feed your cat in the world.

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