Cat Backpacks Gone Wild!

As a cat owner, we all need to have a cat carrier. It’s a prerequisite to being a cat owner since at some point baby fluff ball is going to need to visit the vet. Regular check up or health concern, it’s simply not safe to bring him to the vet not contained. Unless you have a special, rare kitty who won’t spook at the vet. Cat backpacks have gone wild. New designs and production capability have allowed pet owners to flash some bling while transporting our cats. Or, allowing us to bring them along to places fashionably like the park or supermarket.

Cat Carrier Basic – No Backpack?

Even up to five or ten years ago. We all just had the standard cat carrier that looked like a big rectangular box with holes in the side and a gate at the end to put Mr. Kitty in. They still sell these today but really with so many options and fashionable items available, it’s just plain boring. Below is a example of the plain and boring.

We’ve chosen to not go as far back as the metal cage, because we are truly almost into 2020 and well, they are so 1950’s. The box above is still of course functional, is still available to buy but it certainly carrying some drawbacks. Small uncomfortable handle and awkward to carry. Also never liked how your fingers were right in the line of fire of attack kitties while trying to close or open.

We can now upgrade into a softer, easier to open style carrier but isn’t too flashy for you non extrovert types. A sane rectagular shape however made from fabric with a roll up ‘door’ and viewing protection for Mr. Kitty if he wants to hide. Mesh side window so you can still see and talk to him while you’re in transport or waiting for your appointment. This one comes in various sizes and colors as well, so, some customization is available.

21″ $36.70 ON AMAZON

Getting A Little Fancier Cat Backpack

As we move down our list of cat backpacks gone wild, we move into what I’d call the mini pet hotel room. This product acts as a duffel bag for you with varying carry options. Over the shoulder, at arms length, fasten to your car seat belt of if you’re travelling by air stack on top of your luggage. It has a built in soft area for Mr. Kitty to lie down in and has compartments that then open with mesh areas to see through. If staying in a hotel room for the night it has four openings that fold down for your pet to stretch out in. An excellent choice with many options for single vet trip to long road trips. While it may not fit the exact mold as a cat backpack, it certainly is better than the plastic piece up top.

$39.99 ON AMAZON
$39.99 ON AMAZON

If you ever wanted your cat to be comfortable with the cat carrier to make it easier to load, why not attach a toy to it? Meet the cat carrier with a tunnel attached. That’s right. You can leave this out in the cat room for them to play in while not in use as a carrier. Maybe we don’t totally need a cat backpack gone wild with this thing. It might just be cool enough on its own with that built in tunnel. The tunnel folds up and has an enclosed ‘den’ for them. I can see Mr. Kitty enjoying himself in the tunnel and house when not being used for a vet visit. Certainly think it makes transfers easy. Can be ordered without the tunnel, or with wheels. Many options for this one.

$44.99 ON AMAZON

Cat Backpacks

As we continue down our journey, we move away from traditional cat carriers and move into cat backpacks. That’s right. No, not backpacks with cats on them, Backpacks for cats. Instead of your traditional suitcase or box carrier, the below items strap to your front or back, and house not your books but your kitty. The first one below shows a fabric style cat backpack with a mesh window for them to look out of. Take them to the park or on walks while they can sniff the air and watch the birds from the safety of their enclosure. Side pockets for storage of treats or other items. Look we got to the true rage of the internet today, the cat backpack, but it only just keeps getting better.

$39.50 ON AMAZON

The next two items are Quirky Cat Choices. Yes we copied Amazon’s Choice but we don’t care. The cat bubble backpacks are one of the top quirky cat products released in the past year or so. A way for you to take your cat with you anywhere. They can ride comfortably in their backpack on your chest and look our at the world. The first pictured has a smaller ‘bubble’ for Mr. Kitty to view the world through. It also can be interchanged with a mesh style screen to allow air out and in so he can smell the environment. This comes in so many different colors I won’t type them out, but there’s something for everyone. Be the talk of the town.

$36.88 ON AMAZON

Best Quirky Cat Backpack – The True Winner

The last on the list is what inspired me to write this about Cat Backpacks gone wild. It’s full on wild, quirky and just plain cool. It is an Amazon Choice as well as a Quirky Cat Choice. A full sized, full window display along the front of the carrier for your cat to look out and see the wonder. Contains some air holes along the side which I’d call ‘attack zones.’ A couple pockets on the side for extra items. It’s certainly a head turner. It comes in various sizes and colors so if ordering make sure you’re picking the right size for your kitty.

$52.99 ON AMAZON

We hope you liked our finds for our cat backpacks gone wild. If you are looking for some more quirky items, please check out our best cat mugs on Amazon article while you’re here.

Animal Advocacy Tip On Cat Backpacks

These items may be funky and cool. We may love the cat backpacks to death for their sleek design and for us to show off our cats. However, leaving your cat in a cramped space for long periods borders on abuse. Please purchase a cat backpack that is large enough for your kitty to move around in some. Please try to harness and remove your kitty from its cat backpack as much as possible to allow her to move around. We all know sometimes there are long travel times which can’t be avoided. That said, leaving your cat in the backpack for 5 hours while you’re at the park isn’t cool. Be a proper pet parent and look after your baby.

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