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The Best Plush Toy Ever


I believe personal stories are powerful. I have one that surrounds plush toys and pets. It’s of course deeply personal but I guess that’s what blogs can be about. Pouring your love onto a screen for others to read to help ourselves or others heal. I recently found Petsies. Quite frankly the best plush toy ever. I was amazed, astonished, and almost a bit emotional. Stupid I know, but it is what it is. Life’s experiences hang with us and get triggered at a moments notice.

Plush Toy Emotions

I was 18. Deeply in love with my first girl. The first one that hangs with you for life. Even though you’ve moved on to what is most assured a better thing. My family dog of 15 years went over the rainbow bridge and I, and the members of my family, were distraught with grief as any pet owner would be. My girl came over and brought a gift. It was a stuffy copy of the dog breed our beloved pet was. (A Shetland Sheepdog named Cody). Now it didn’t much look like Mr. Cody. It was about as close as a gift shop plush toy could be to a generic copy of a dog breed. Not even necessarily that soft or cuddly. It was just…a reminder of the great dog he was(our first family dog) and it meant the world to me.

That plush toy sat in my room for years, on a shelf, as a reminder of the love we all had for that dog. Long after ‘the girl’ moved on from my life, I still kept that damn stuffy even though the memory of her was equally painful. It’s still in my home as of today, twenty something years later.

I Discovered Petsies

Along I come in my searching for quirky products to write about on this site to Petsies. The best plush toy! A company who creates exact replica stuffed animals of your pet, via pictures you submit. The process they use is fascinating and their results are stunning. Seeing their work and reading about what they do brought me back to Cody and that stuffed toy gift. What I wouldn’t have given for an exact replica of Cody at that time to help me feel like he was still with me.

I cannot imagine any pet owner who is deeply bonded with their pet not wanting a keepsake like this. To sit on their bed or on their shelf. To squeeze when they need to remember having those pets, cuddles, purrs or licks from their beloved family member. I’m positive when my two current furkids go over the rainbow bridge, I’m going to want to get one of them each, and take it with me to the retirement home I’ll likely be moving to shortly after. God willing they live as long as they should without health issues.

Cat Example

Order anytime.

You of course don’t need to wait for that inevitable day before ordering your Petsie, you can hassle your current pet with an exact replica of themselves just for laughs, or, to take with you on the road when Mr. Fluffy can’t join you. There are many great reasons to buy one or two. Petsies also offers custom pillows, collars and pet beds with your pet’s name on them. They aren’t all just about the work of art plush toys.

Petsies even has a giftbox you can purchase for your friend or family member that comes loaded with items and a coupon for them to order their Petsie with their photos of their furbaby. They do dogs, cats, horses, whatever you need.

I would be untruthful if I didn’t mention that high quality artwork like this doesn’t come with a cost. It’s not cheap, but a keepsake memory like this shouldn’t be. It’s worth it’s weight in gold in my mind. If not this Christmas than maybe a birthday gift for someone you love is in the cards.

You do need to check out their site. Link is here. Petsies truly is the best plush toy and a one of a kind gift.

Petsie Cats!

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