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It’s the golden age of online shopping. Pretty much anything we’d ever want is available to order online, and receive in a very timely fashion. From underwear to TV’s, we have multiple options on today’s web for any product we could wish for. The newest budding trend in online ordering are subscription services. With these monthly box sets are some of the hottest cat and dog products on the market. Set it and forget it type things to further help the online shopper never run out of items. The pet market is no different. Numerous items and options are popping up so we’re never at risk of running out of things we need for our pets. From toys to cat litter and more every month. We break down the current best pet subscription services available today.

Nom Nom Subscription Pet Food – The best you can feed your pet.

Currently considered the best pet food subscription on the market. Nom Nom is the Mercedes Benz of pet food. Natural, human grade food for dogs and cats. Developed by a top veterinary doctor in pet nutrition this product offering is second to none. Offers a variety of different recipes, treats and services delivered to keep your pet healthy, active and their coats shiny. Cost is on par with high quality common brands like Royal Canin despite it’s numerous advantages and support the website provides. Available in the lower 48 US States. It’s a definite must try for dog and cat owners.

Don’t just take our word for it, Nom Nom is considered one of the best dog and cat food delivery services by Business Insider, NBC News, and many other high profile review sites. There is nothing more important to the health of your pet than food intake. Make sure you’re feeding your cat the best. We even have a coupon for 50% off your first order of the best cat food on the market within our review below.

Nom Nom Packaging

Nom Nom Best Pet Food Subscription Highlights

  • All meals are delivered fresh, not frozen.
  • Always free delivery—with weekly, bi-weekly,and monthly options available depending on location to all 48 contiguous US states
  • Auto-delivery as a subscription.
  • All packaging is recyclable.
  • Customers can pause, update, edit, or cancel anytime.
  • Nom Nom offers a Care-grade guarantee: if customers don’t see the difference of the fresh NomNom diet can make after 30 days of eating NomNom will buy their next pets next order ($40 limit).
  • All food is prepared in a human-grade kitchen that NomNom 100% owns and controls, in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Their kitchen team inspects all ingredients upon arrival, and NomNom only uses those that meet our highstandards.

Read a more detailed review of Nom Nom.

Pretty Litter is a Top Pet Subscription

From the Mercedes Benz of food to the Porsche of Cat Litter. Pretty Litter ticks all the boxes for a great litter, adding subscription delivery is just a bonus. Silica based litter evaporates moisture and smell almost immediately. Requires very little maintenance, just stir daily and remove solids. Monthly subscription is tailored to how many cats you have and how many bags you need per month. Pretty Litter also monitors your cats health by slick technology that changes the color of the litter where urine makes contact. Dust free, odor free, health monitoring and never need to make a late night run to Wal-Mart because you forgot Litter.

Most cat owners don’t see cat litter as a health risk. It’s there because they need it. Most will buy the cheapest clumping brand they can find as long as it does what it’s supposed to. Clump and hide smell. The problem is clumping cat litter is full of detrimental chemicals to harm your cat. These chemicals get into your cat via dust or paw licking after using the litter. Digestive and urinary tract issues are often traced back to your cat litter. Keep your cat healthier and safer with a dust free litter. This is another must try product for cat owners, subscription service or not.

Pretty Litter Packaging

Why Subscribe to Pretty Litter or at least try it?

There is a huge list of reasons in the article below however the most important are below:

  1. Low Dust – Dusty cat litter gets inhaled by your cat while in their box potentially causing illness.
  2. Low Weight – You don’t need to ask three strong men over to lift your cat litter out of the car. Easy to lift bags.
  3. Odor control. Pretty Litter absorbs and evaporates anything in your cats ‘business’ eliminating smells.
  4. Health Monitoring – Pretty Litter changes color in the box when your cats urine hits it, alerting you to any potential health issues early.
  5. Convenience – Set it and forget it. The right amount of product tailored to how many cats you have arrives at your door monthly in hey, light weight bags as mentioned.

Read a more detailed review of Pretty Litter.

Amazon Subscription Pet Food

Not to ever be outdone by anyone in eCommerce, Amazon has jumped on to the Subscription based online shopping bandwagon as well. Most pet foods, and even cat litter, on Amazon now come with an option in the top right of the screen to set up subscription services with delivery schedules customized for your needs. Search for your favorite brand, pick how many bags or cans, and select delivery every month. Set it and forget it from the premier online retailer. Usually comes with a discount on the cost of your chosen product as a result.

Why Amazon Pet Subscription Services?

Let’s face it, Amazon has logistics down. Probably the most trusted and safest e-Commerce platform on the internet today. Amazon pretty much covers everything you’d need with a huge selection of product you can suit to your pets needs. From kitty litter to dog toys, anything can be found there in top brands and set to replenish monthly or even weekly.


May be the original. Might not be. You’ve probably certainly heard of it. Barkbox is a monthly box of treats and toys for your dog. Having two large dogs go through pretty much any toy I’ve given them (chew chew chew), a box like this is golden. Always something new for puppy to work on every month along with some yummy different treats to keep them happy and for continued training.

Keeping your dog happy and engaged is one of the best ways to minimize stress or energy damage from a dog. I consider this type of damage to be like digging holes in the backyard, chewing on shoes or children’s toys or the furniture. New items often for your dog will keep them focused on items in their house for them. Monthly toy boxes for dogs via subscription service is a top way to not forget your dog might be bored.

The best name in dog boxes, Barkbox, can be ordered and set up through Amazon.


KitNipBox Promo

Not to be outdone in the subscription pet box club, we needed to have something here for cats. Along comes KitNipBox to save the day. A variety of different boxes to choose from. Happy Cat Box to Multi-Cat Dietary boxes provide some different options based on your needs as a cat parent. Highly rated reviews, and also available for monthly subscription through Amazon to keep your cat exercised and healthy with the latest toys and treats.

Never to be outdone by the dog, bored cats can be just as, if not more destructive. Scratching furniture, climbing to heights that are unsafe and knocking things off counters are general bored cat behaviours. Cats are probably way more finicky than dogs when it comes to their toys too. Keeping them interest in new actions and engaged with different sounds will keep them happily sleeping in your down time. This is instead of them zooming the hallways at 4am.

Don’t miss out on this great subscription box for cats. Toys and treats. Wow. Kitty heaven.

KittyPooClub Top Subscription Litter

Moving to our next best pet subscription services. Also a kitty litter, this one is a little different from Pretty Litter in that is provides you the entire box, plus litter, every month. Three kinds of cat litter to choose from in the selection process from clay to tofu. Use the entire box for one month and a new entire box shows up the next month. Just close the lid and throw away and start anew. Can set up for multi-cat use on sign up.

How To Subscribe to Kitty Poo Club

You sign up on their webpage and from there you get to tick a whole lot of boxes and options. Firstly, the service sends you a wax lined cardboard box you unfold and voila, creates a litter box for your cat. It has cute little designs on the outside and they change seasonally as new boxes arrive. You load your box up with the also supplied litter and it lasts you a whole month. When the month is up, a new box and new litter arrive at your door and you simply fold up the old box and recycle it. This whole service cost you $21.99 a box. You can even order other box accessories, toys and food for your cat if you wish.

The box is high sided to keep your kitty from splashing the litter around. The box is also made from recyclable materials and guaranteed to last the entire 30 days.

As I learn more about this product I become more and more a fan. This makes changing out your litter easy. Clean kitty litter helps keep your cat free of illness. Keep your cat healthy with this best pet subscription service. It doesn’t get much easier for cat owners who dislike the cat litter job. A new box every month. Odor controlling silica litter option. Dust free and odor free if used correctly. Probably a great gift idea for a new cat owner. One of the Best Pet Subscription Services in cat litter along with Pretty Litter as mentioned above.

A very easy and great idea for dealing with Kitty Poo.

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