best gifts for cat lovers 2020
Best Cat Gifts 2020

This is our list of the craziest, wackiest, Best gifts for Cat Lovers 2020. The only list you’ll need to make the cat lover in your family laugh and smile this. From mugs to we don’t know what to classify them in, this is your ultimate guide to buying for presents for cat lover in your life. All images are links to their Amazon or manufacturers pages for easy shopping.

Important Notice About Your Pet’s Health

Fully aware you are here to check out gifts and the list begins below. Do you have your own pet? If so, would you be surprised to know you could cover them with health insurance for less than a bag of food per month? A new service has been launched and if you need health coverage for your pet you owe yourself a read of the below post. I’m trying to spread the word of the importance of this companies offerings, as it has completely relieved stress in my life worrying about a large vet bill I couldn’t afford. http://quirkycatproducts.com/how-eusoh-is-changing-pet-insurance/

Give the Gift of Cat Face Masks

In this difficult time in our world’s history, face masks are highly recommended. Please wear a mask in public. Do it with some flair! Check out our choices of great face masks featuring cats.

PetCube Wi-Fi Camera With Laser Toy

Our first cat lover gift idea, one of the coolest quirky cat (or dog) items out there. A two way communicative pet camera/speaker/laser toy. Check in with your pet any time with your phone. Drag your finger around the screen and the laser goes where you point, so you can play with your cat on your lunch break. Talk to your cat as well to stay connected. Unit is also Alexa enabled so you can use Alexa features with it while home. A great all rounder and cool cat product any cat parent would love under the tree. A video below.

Cat DNA Test

Basepaws Cat DNA Test - Best HOLIDAY Gift!

What’s this you ask? Check out Basepaws. It’s something all cat lovers would love for as a gift. You get a kit in the mail, swab your kitties cheek and return the swab to the lab (price of return shipping included in kit) The lab tests the DNA and provides a report which tells your cat friend what breeds make up their cat. How much wild cat DNA is in the genetic makeup of your house cat? More Tiger or Lion? Additionally it shares health markers to know what to watch for with kitty’s health, and potentially head off any troubles early. It’s one of the coolest cat programs on the market and was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. A sure winner as a gift for cat lovers everywhere.

Crazy Cat Lady Cat Butt Coaster set.

Yes! Yes and Yes! Everybody needs coasters and the cat people in your life will love these. A great gift for cat lovers for sure.

..or Cat Coasters, without the butts.

Best Cat Mom Travel Mug

Take your cat mom status on the road. Everyone needs multiple cat travel mugs so they don’t have to wash one every day. We recommend two at least. One in the dishwasher and the other ready to go next morning.

Best Cat Dad Travel Mug

Dad doesn’t want to be left out, since he loves his kitties too. Make sure both mom and dad are covered in the mug department. We recommend stuffing the mug with new coffee beans before it gets wrapped up.

Cat Only Mugs or Thermos

Cat Lovers Shirts and Hoodies

I saw it, and chuckled. I’d wear it. Most cat people would too. Everyone loves new hoodies and shirts for as a gift.

Cat Butt Tissue Holder

Nothing says achoo like this next great item in Best Gifts for Cat Lovers 2020 product. I mean, who wouldn’t think this is hilarious right before they needed to sneeze? Comes in orange tabby or black and white.

For The Cat Lover AND Wine Lover

We find some interesting things here at Quirky Cat Products. A perfect table centerpiece? We think so!

Warm Cat Slippers

Nothing says the holidays and winter like a snuggly pair of slippers to keep your feet toasty warm. Why not some with cute cat faces on them because cats are warm and snuggly too.

Kiss Me Cat Mugs Set

These mugs are just too cute for words. They’re so lovey and lovely you might just want to display them and not drink out of them. Up to you or the person you buy them for of course. They are just way too awesome to not make the list.

Cat iPhone Case

The one pictured below is for the iPhone 7. I’m sure a little digging can find it for most iPhone or Samsung models. We find it super cute with the cat ears and nose.

Cat Shaped Headphones

Rock out in style your cat can appreciate. These funky headphones have cat ears poking up that are actually speakers to share your music with friends, or your cat. They change colors and give your cat loving friend some cat flair while listening to their jams. Couple different models shown here for variety of choice and price range.

Weighted Blanked to Share with Your Cat

I know this isn’t a cat related item but what is more relaxing and comforting than a night in on the couch with a warm blanket and a snuggling kitten. Take it up a notch with a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are proven to reduce stress, aid in relaxation and improve sleep quality. I can only imagine the health benefits would increase by adding a purring buddy to the mix. Winter and Fall time is best with warm fires and blankets with you kitten. These come in different sizes and have recommendations around user body weight, so, if buying for someone please pick the right size in the checkout.

Furbo Dog Camera

I know I know. This is a cat site. This is the Best Gifts for Cat Lovers 2020 page. Why is their a dog camera here you say? Well, because why not use it for your cat? Cats like treats too! I’m fairly positive you could train your cat to come get treats from the Furbo camera just like your dog would. How great to check in on your cat and say hello during the day, and pop out his favorite catnip flavoured treat in the process. One of the coolest, nobody needs this, but everyone wants one product in the last couple years. Be the star gift giver with this one.

PetSafe Smart Pet Feeder

We’ve all seen the meme’s. Cat’s on your chest at 4am because their bowls are empty. Cat’s staring at you from the floor because their bowls are empty hooman. Feed your cat from bed, the couch, or from work with this neat wifi connected automatic pet feeder. So many options on times, amounts and ways to feed your dog or cat this is the ultimate in connected home pet feeder. Alexa enabled for even more ease of use and food ordering.

Pet Water Fountain

We’re not sure if this gift is for the cat or the cat lover in your family. With that cleared out of the way, it’s a wonderful gift to both. Cats love running water. They prefer to drink moving water and a lot of cats won’t drink enough water as a result of this. Cats not drinking enough water can lead to kidney problems and health bills. A moving water fountain like the one below is a good investment into the cat lover of your families future.

MultiColored Cat Nightlight

A neat little night light for the hallway or the kids bedroom. Can be programmed for various brightness and different colors. Soft silcone outer shell with adorable little cat drawing. Kids and cat lovers alike with love it. Wish it was around when my two were babies.

Kit Kat Klock

An original design from 1932, still classic and funky. A neat design piece for a cat themed room or a throwback. Clock comes in many different colors. The eyes move and the tail wags as it keeps time in ‘timeless’ fashion.

cat lovers christmas gifts clock

Self Cleaning Litter Box

What do most cat owners dislike the most about being owned by cats? Cleaning the litter. Why not treat them to a self cleaning litter box to alleviate this daily task, or, make it easier. Varying options on the market however the PetSafe system seems to be the most liked on Amazon. Dust free crystal litter (yes, dust free is best for your cats health) and automatic scooping make it a great choice. Downsides with this one is it takes their own litter you must buy for use in this box.


Maybe saving one of the better things for lower down the list of gifts. Lovimals puts your pets face on a variety of items. Socks, pillows, water bottles blankets. A great gift idea for any pet owner or lover. I think I will be getting the socks.

KitNip Box Subscription

A monthly box of healthy treats, unique toys, and other goodies for your cat!

Sign your friend up, or maybe we should say your friends cat up, for a monthly KitNipBox. A box that comes monthly with new toys treats and goodies for your loved ones cat. A great gift that keeps on giving. They have different designs and cost for customizatble kitty fun. Diet boxes, toy boxes and a mix of both. The number one cat toy subscription available today. It’ll surely be a winner!

Amazon Pets

Amazon has a new grouping in their site where everything you’d need for your pet is there. Food, toys, subscription services. Great to check it out for you or your friends pets needs. Find it by clicking the banner above.

Facebook Cat Ads

There is a lot of great stuff that shows up on a cat lovers Facebook page. Maybe you’ve seen some of them and we’ve got a list. Perhaps you need some more inspiration for a gift. Find our list of the best Facebook Cat ad products and links to buy them by following this link. http://quirkycatproducts.com/cat-products-youve-seen-on-facebook/

Share With Your Friends.

If you have a cat loving friend and needed some ideas for gifts we’re sure there’s something they will love on this list. Maybe you’re a cat parent and wish to drop hints to your friends on what to get you when the time comes. Feel free to share this list so they can have a read for themselves and surprise you on the big day!

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