Best Cyber Monday Deals For Cat Lovers

We all love deals and we all love our cats. Never is there a better time to buy gifts or items for anything than Black Friday weekend. Inclusive of Black Friday weekend is Cyber Monday. The day online sales were supposed to have exclusivity on. Since we are of course a cat lovers site, we wanted to share with you our Best Cyber Monday Deals for Cat Lovers.

Basepaws Cat DNA Test

Basepaws is a service all cat lovers would adore. Buy it for your cats or buy it for a friend as a gift. Basepaws provides these key metrics and information for cats.

  • Genetic similarity to purebreds
  • Most similar wild cat ancestries
  • Health report (39 genetic mutations to 17 genetic conditions)
  • Membership to Basepaws community
  • Report updates
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Access to latest research on cat science
  • Connection to owners of similar cats

Amazing information about your cats breed, health markers and how much Tiger is still left in your house cat. You purchase the kit, swab your cats cheek with all provide materials, then ship it back free of charge in the lower 48. The report is always updated with the most current information and is live in the cloud for you to read. The kit is normally $129 and is on Cyber Monday special for $50 off one kit, or $60 off one kit if you purchase more than one. (Multiple cat house). It’s a hot seller in the cat world and this is a great deal from them on Cyber Monday.

Basepaws also has some great T-Shirts and Hoodies so be sure to check out there selection before checking out your Cat DNA Test.

Tabcat Tracking Device

Tabcat is a radio tracking device to be able to easily locate your cat in our outside the home. It comes with no monthly subscription or add on costs and has more range and better line of sight than GPS. If your cat is trapped in a garage or under something that would block regular GPS signal Tabcat will still be able to locate your cat due to it being a radio signal. It’s a wonderful thing for your keychain as well, if you are good at losing it in the house. Use coupon code US10 @ Tabcat to get 10% off your order.

Lovimals” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener” aria-label=”Lovimals (opens in a new tab)”>Lovimals and can’t go wrong with some for yourself or under the tree.

Amazon Cat Products

Lots of great products as most of you know @ Amazon. They’ve had some crazy good deals for cat products on Black Friday and of course will continue into Cyber Monday. As of right now, this awesome robot vacuum is $145 off regular price. A cat lover would love to have a product automatically sweeping up the shedding hair. Worth a look and if this one comes off countdown, I’m sure others of similar style will then go on special in your ‘products like this’ search feed.

If you’re looking for more cat loving ideas for Cyber Monday or the Holiday season, be sure to check out this post.

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