Best Cat Meme To See This Year

If you’re a fan of movies, cats and meme’s I’m fairly certain you’ll laugh at this. You may even think its the Best Cat Meme To See This Year. I don’t even know when this first hit the interwebs, but I saw it first today, and I see A LOT of cat meme’s. A LOT. Th

The internet is full of nonsense. It’s also full of very creative people. I wish I was as creative as these folks to come up with this stuff. Instead, I’m like 80% of the non artistic types and just laugh at what I see. Laugh and of course share and admire.

Just Before Getting to the Best Cat Meme

This site is primarily designed for items for cats of the more Quirky variety. If I am choosing something for my cat or something for myself with a cat on it I like it to be a bit more, outlandish. I don’t want a basic litter pan for my two boys, I want a flashy highly functional crazy designed one. I’m the guy with the Cat Genie Self Cleaning Litter Box. Not because I’m lazy but because it’s a cool gizmo for my cats. I’d leave that thing in the living room for my friends to marvel at if my wife would let me.

Cat Genie Self Cleaning LItter Box

This is also why I like Quirky Cat Meme’s, pretty pictures of cats and generally like to find the best cat meme to see all year. I hunt for them. Follow Pinterest for them. Post them on my Facebook page. I also like super hero stupid movies. So when I saw the below meme I went, wow. This cat meme is the bomb! I’ve shared it below for all of you crazy cat people to adore along with me. It even includes the biggest cat superhero of all time, Grumpy Cat.

ENJOY…and by the way, you probably need to be a super hero nerd like me to get it.

The Best Cat Meme .. Maybe of All Time

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Bonus Awesome Cat Meme

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