Best Cat Face Masks to Protect Yourself

Face masks are recommended now in most countries. Why not wear the best cat face masks during this odd time in life. Bland dull white face masks are out there, but just not as bold as us cat lovers can be. Amazingly we want cat masks. We show off the face masks with cats on them. We show off the cat face mask for you. Since it’s possible you don’t want to show off your mask with a cat on them, we have some basic face mask designs thrown in for good measure.

Governments and health officials are now recommending masks to help control the spread of this terrible virus. I say quirky cat face masks for all! I’ve been really not wanting to call these cat covid masks but we’re pretty much there now.

In fact, some countries like Japan, South Korea and parts of China claim that they’ve better contained the spread of the virus by the widespread use of masks while in public. Or maybe to rephrase have been encouraging the use of face masks long before Europe or North America did. These masks aren’t high end N95 surgical masks but regular face coverings to help hold particles the wearer may breathe or cough out of themselves. The mask keeps these particles within the person wearing the mask and makes it less likely to land on surfaces others touch. This makes a lot of sense to me personally and I have been wearing a mask while having to grocery shop or go to the pet store.

Add Flair and Style to your Face Covering

It got me thinking. Why not add some of our human flair and sense of humour into this whole mask wearing business. If we have to do it, or better said since we should be doing it, let’s make it fun! I went looking for cat masks tonight. I found some great ones and wanted to share. All are inexpensive and available on Amazon. I’m sure it will makes those necessary trips out filled with eye smiles of those you come across in your new ‘protect others’ quirky cat face masks.

Disclaimer on Masks from this site.

None of these masks listed are medical grade and do not claim to protect you in highly infected areas or high industrial dust areas. If you require N95 rated masks for work this is not the purpose of those shared.

Basic Designed Functional Face Mask without Cats

If you don’t want to put some flair with a mask with cats on them, you can go with a basic designed face mask. Remember, don’t believe the nonsense, masks save lives. You should be wearing one out in your travels to protect others, as they should be protecting you. We love this basic designed face mask.

Summer Face Mask

This face mask comes in a whole bunch of different patterns and colors, and is a 3 pack from the order desk. We still think you should get a mask with cats on it, but, we understand otherwise. Features of this mask:

  • USA Stock, Fast Shipping
  • Soft Material, Thin and Breathable, it is suitable for summer or daily use
  • Adjustable ear loop for your choose, comfortable and beautiful
  • Perfect for indoor ,outdoor, home, office, travel.
  • Suitable for Men women and teens

Best Cat COVID Face Masks Basic Styles

A quick look on Amazon found these cat face masks with really neat noses and whiskers on them. Stunning design and makes you look like a midnight kitty.

The next picture is very similar items with a couple different designs. It also comes in a pack of eight so more selection for you fashionistas. Shows on Amazon but not available to me in Canada but is likely available in USA. If not when you check, likely back in stock soon.

8 Pack Black Basic Cat Mask

While not flashing eight different designs in one package, this one adds a little pink flair to your cat face mask needs. I think it’s funky and cute, it would attract my gaze to a wearer for sure, with a smile.

Black Cat Mask with Pink Nose and Whiskers

Make a statement with your cat face mask! Buck the trend and tell the naysayers you want to protect others by driving between the white lines in your car and by wearing a mask with a cat on it. This one sports a cute comment remind those to cover their meowths.

Cover Your Meowth Cat Face mask

Cute Cat Face Mask with Adjustable Straps

This great little item has a carbon filter built in with adjustable straps on the sides to contour to your face. A little picture of a group of cats allows you to show off your cat flair as well.

A Group of Cats Mask

Full Print Detailed Cat Mouth Face Mask

Turn your lower face into a detailed cat mouth with this cat face mask. It’s a neat design that will make you look like you have a cat nose and mouth. Comes in different colors and includes fabric filters for extra protection from dust and particles. An excellent choice.

Detailed Pattern Over Ear Loop Cat COVID Masks

If you’re looking for something with a bit more color and flair in a basic mask, perhaps these are more to your liking. Definitely some eye catching designs to make life outside as fun as possible.

The next detailed pattern shows us various kitties to help you visit the world. For multiple kitties and an additional nose support piece built into the mask.

Full Neck and Face Mask with Cats

These tend to be my personal favorites. Form fitting snug masks to keep dust particles out and in. A sun and wind shade. Have to be ranked up there with the best cat face masks everyone should have one. Some even have SPF ratings to keep us protected from those elements as well. There is just something fun about transforming your face to look like a cat while keeping others safe.

This seller has many different mask designs from different cats to gorilla’s and dogs. So many fun options to chose

More examples of best cat face masks below. Simple and elegant design but surely to make your mouth and nose appear genuinely cat like. A winner!

Turn your full neck and lower face into that of a stunning kitty. Various styles to chose from with this face mask.

Because orange tabby cat best cat mask! Wear this cat face mask with pride showing off your love for all things orange kitty. I know I would! These are approved by our orange tabby cat testers.

Full Head Covering with Ears Best Cat Face Mask

You know you just can’t go wrong with ears. These masks cover it all but your eyes. Don’t want to brush your hair before hitting the market? No problem. Fire these on and keep your mouth, nose and hair covered. Since this is our cover photo I think it totally ranks as one of the best cat face masks. All of that for $10.99!

Full Cat Face and Head Covering

Bandanna Style Face Coverings

Another great option to cover up your face and protect others from potential transmission is a bandanna style covering. No cats on this one but it’s a best seller on Amazon and has lots of styles to choose from. It looks pretty funky especially the one with the mouth. The closest to a cat print is the cheetah print shown.

Safety and Preparation

In our intro we talked about these unprecendeted times in human history. We need to work together to help us all out of this. We need all of us to keep our elderly and at risk folks save. Wearing a mask or face covering can help with this.

If you need a great face mask during this time and don’t have the guts and glory to go full cat face mask, check out this bland but functional offering from our friends at Amazon.

We also encourage you to not go out unless absolutely necessary. If you’re looking for options for delivered cat food to keep yourself in, we recommend these two product reviews for your consideration.

Nom Nom Review

Darwin’s Raw Pet Food Trial Pack

Additionally we have written an article and used some of the San Diego Humane Societies guidelines to keep your pet safe if you were to fall ill. Please try to ensure the safety and well being of your animal as well as our fellow humans during this time. Thank you for visiting our site and our page on best cat face masks.

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