A Trial Pack of Raw Cat Food

One of the hardest things for cat parents looking for new food options online is, “Would my cat like this food?” Nobody really wants to commit to the expensive subscription or go through the hassle of cancelling it when their little buddy turns their nose up at the offering. Let’s face it, cats can be […]

Ryker the Wannabe Service Dog

Ryker Service Dog I know this is a cat blog, but sometimes the dogs just want their Quirky time too! We animal lovers we can all be amazed at the genius some service animals display in their roles. From guiding the blind to sniffing out ilicit drugs, these dogs, cats and bunnies delight us and […]

Should I Insure My Cat?

Probably the most common questions all cat owners face when buying a new kitten. Should I insure my cat ? Is pet insurance worth it? What pet insurance is the best? Is there such a thing as pet insurance best? The answer isn’t the same for everyone, as life situations often dictate the final result. […]

Pet CBD Oils Showing Promise in Stress, Anxiety and Joint Pain.

We love it when new products hit the market to help our pets. While we’re mainly a cat site we are animal lovers in general. Our excitement for CBD oils goes beyond just cats, but dogs and horses and donkeys a like. New open regulations and studies in the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) keep showing […]