Amazon Launches A New Pet Store

Amazon launches a new pet store within it’s website. The largest online retailer, has revamped and retooled its pet offerings in an all in one home page for easier navigation of it’s animal offerings. The new online pet store simply called, “Amazon Pets.” Within the home page you can find categories for New Arrivals, Sales & Deals, Specialty Food and more. It’s much easier to now find more specific items. Not just for cats or dogs. Fish and snakes too!

Amazon History In Pet Store

It’s probably not a secret to many of you that Amazon carried pet supplies. They’ve been there a while but with online shopping becoming the norm, and so many homes in North America in the world having at least one pet, Amazon has taken to marketing and pushing pet products into the main stream. How this will affect specific pet food and supplies websites already established online remains to be seen.

Myself, I’ve never bought any cat or dog food off Amazon. I’m sure I’m not alone but with their new aggressive stance and great pricing options a purchase for me and many will be in the future. So many options. So many good deals.

Highlights of Amazon Pets

Within the categories are some neat branches of products to browse. From “New Cat Checklist” to “Popular Products by Breed and Size.” . It makes it very easy to find what you’re looking for. If you want large dog treats you can easily pop into that section of the website and select your dog breed. Then easily find treats and products specifically suited to your large dog. Contrarily, if you have a small cat and want cat toys or cat litter for them, it easily sorts and provides a good list for them.

We also like the Sales & Deals category, where you can find the best prices and sales all in one click. Not sure what new toy you want for your cat? Easily find out what’s on special and make your cat happy and save some money.

Amazon Launches Big, Brands Big

A seller as large as Amazon will of course be touting the top names in cat and dog food for you to choose from. Brands like Purina, Science Diet, Acana and Iams are well represented. Be sure you’re buying the best quality food for your cat and dog with brand awareness and selection. We also love the Subscription services. You can select your product and have it re-send you a bag every month, so you know when you’re getting low on the month, another bag is on the way automatically. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you get an additional 20% off Subscription food on select products.

Check out the new Amazon Pets web page by clicking any of the banners in this post to take you directly there. I’m positive you’ll find something you need or want for your pet.

You know when Amazon launches a new pet store the deals will be large and expansive.

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