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Quirky Cat products is all about cats. Including reviews of the best cat food, the best cat litter or anything related to cats and their health. Our tester cats are beautiful orange tabby cats of five years old. I’ve always loved cats and quirky cat things and decided to put it to the world.

Inside you will find blog posts and photos of quirky cats and regular cats. From orange tabby cats to Bengal cats, they all have their quirks and we try to find and talk about products to enhance their lives. Whether for enjoyment, training, or laughs, it will be here in one place.

As a cat and animal advocate I believe in rescue, no kill shelter and working with animals to help improve their behaviors over re-homes or abandonment. A pet is for life. Cats are our children. Follow us on Pinterest, Facebook and here for constant updates on fresh deals for cats and cat products.

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You can sign up for our newsletter in various places on the site. You will receive our free guide on “5 Ways to Bond With Your Cat,” which was written by me through my life long learning and experience of being ‘the guy in the room the cats love.’ I live with two orange tabby cats who act like dogs with me. When I return they greet me at the door and chase me around until I snuggle them. I share my tips on how to make your orange tabby or bengal or tuxedo cat bond with you like mine have bonded with me.

No matter where I go, if they have a cat, we become best buds. Yes, I go to parties and make friends with the cat. That’s just me. You will also receive periodic updates and emails about the latest cool Quirky Cat Products on the market. Find us on Facebook @Quirk Cat Products. Find us on Instagram #quirky_cat_products.

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We support the Kevin Richardson Foundation in its pursuit to educate the world of the plight of Lions in the wild and in captivity. Find more information about Kevin and his pursuits here:

We hope you enjoy our site and find use of the products we discuss. Or at least, they put a smile on your face as a cat and animal lover. Feel free to share or link our site if you like what you read or see. Social growth is how we hope to grow.

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