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Starting life I was raised in a home that always had cats. Its amazing how the bond we form with our animals starts at a young age. Memories of my early childhood years are now very scarce, but I distinctly remember my childhood pets. Even as a toddler, our two Siamese cats are ingrained in my brain. Primarily I believe because one of them was scared of me. Can’t say I blame her, I was most likely a crazy devil child like most 2-5 year old children. However, one of the few hazy memories still left is of both of those cats laying and snuggling with me on the couch when I was sick with fever and flu. Somehow they knew at that time I needed them, and I will always remember that.

I am of course still a cat owner. I believe like all cat owners that I have the quirkiest goofball cats alive. It’s their lovable quirky personalities that make us love them that much more. One of the most joys I get out of being a cat dad is providing them with entertainment, which in turn entertains me. The world is full of crazy, quirky cats; and full of crazy quirky cat products for me to share with you on this site.

Please enjoy the journey with me of cat ownership, cat products and being a crazy cat parent. The products shown here are things I’ve bought for my cat or plan to or just plain laugh at. I am an Amazon Affiliate and links you click do provide me with some income, which just helps pay the bills for this site.

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