A Trial Pack of Raw Cat Food

One of the hardest things for cat parents looking for new food options online is, “Would my cat like this food?” Nobody really wants to commit to the expensive subscription or go through the hassle of cancelling it when their little buddy turns their nose up at the offering. Let’s face it, cats can be finicky. Some of us are blessed with cats who eat anything they put in their bowls, others, are not. The benefits of a raw cat food diet is lengthy and should be how you feed your cat. If you’ve been considering moving your cat to a raw based diet, we recommend you give a trial pack of raw cat food from Darwin’s a try.

Its never easy wondering what food to feed your cat. There are no ends to options, brands, styles. Wet cat food or dry cat food? How much? Ultimately your food choice should revolve around the health and happiness of your cat. Will this food keep them alive longer? Will it give them shinier coats and more energy? Does it have the potential to reduce UTI or kidney disease. Cat food like Darwin’s answers yes to all these questions.

Darwin’s Raw Cat Food

Darwin’s Natural Selections™ Raw Cat Food

A long standing company, Darwin’s has been selling their successful line of raw dog and cat food since 2004. The founder started making his dog a raw food diet to help with age related skin issues in his dog. He was astounded by the turn around in his own pet and started sharing what he’d found and the health benefits seen in his and other dogs he was feeding. Darwin’s the company was born and they have been helping dogs and cats live healthier lives since.

Darwin’s aims to help pets and their owners enjoy more years of healthy companionship by providing high quality, raw dog and cat food. Formulated with the guidance of veterinarian and animal nutritionists, each week Darwin’s prepares fresh raw meals made with 100% natural free-range meats and organic vegetables and ships them for free directly to customers across the United States.

Raw Cat Food Ingredients

Darwin’s Raw Cat Food – Designed for Your Cat’s Complete Nutrition Needs

Recipes use fresh, wholesome ingredients with no added hormones, steroids, antibiotics, grains, or fillers. Darwin’s raw meals are nutritionally complete and balanced. The benefits of feeding your dog or cat Darwin’s raw meals include improved digestion. A healthier skin and coat. A stronger immune system, increased longevity, and fewer visits to the vet.

Their product is proven over time with countless happy customers and healthier pets. Their goal is to make your pet healthier in thirty days and they’ve built their business researching the best ingredients. Many homemade or prey model raw diets are deficient in antioxidants. Many lack the correct amounts of trace minerals and vitamins and/or lack the right fatty acid balance. Darwin’s meals are specially formulated to contain everything your pet needs.

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products Customer Reviews

Why is raw cat food important?

Raw cat food mimics what a cat would eat in the wild. Yes our cats are domesticated from centuries of being pets and companions, but they are ultimately still prey based hunters. They’re bodies are designed to not only be one of natures most efficient hunters, but also to digest and gleam nutrients from raw prey kills. Feed your cat a raw diet of ingredients like are in Darwin’s food, are very important for your cat’s metabolism and health. From more energy to proper urine pH, your cat is moving through life with nutrition to keep them healthy. This keeps their weight under control, their energy levels up, and their coats shinier.

Trial Raw Cat Food Plus Cat Nutritional Information

Their website is full of educational blogs. Additional science reports and testimonials to teach you how to help your dog or cat through ailments. A lot of these ailments can be alleviated by a raw food diet. Even if you don’t buy their product you will learn something from visiting their site.

A trial pack of raw cat food is $14.95. Not terribly expensive to see if your kitty or senior cat likes and benefits from the healthy goodness.

Is it the best cat food?

We think Darwin’s ranks right at the top of all cat and dog foods on the market. It even managed to find it’s way into our list of the best wet cat foods. We encourage you to continue your research into how best to feed your cat to keep them healthy and active for a lifetime.

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