7 Christmas Tree Ornaments with Cats

Is it ever a bad time to buy a new Christmas Tree decorations? Well you might not be thinking about it in July but these are some of the most searched and bought Christmas decorations worldwide. Yes, things to hang on the tree. Many folks buy ten or more new Christmas tree ornaments per year. Since we’re a cat focused website we wanted to highlight the very best 7 Christmas Tree Ornaments with cats on them we could find. We broke down the searching for you and may have even found some Christmas tree toppers with cats? Maybe. All pictures link to their sales page for quick ordering.

Gorgeous Christmas Angel Holding Cat Tree Ornament

This is probably my favorite and why its at the top of the list. A classic design; angel with wings holding a cat. How precious, cute, and Christmasy! A front center middle ornament for your Christmas tree.

Angel Holding Cat

Funny Cat on Christmas Tree Ornament

So we all know cats love Christmas trees. I’ve posted some funny videos on Pinterest before of cats swatting and battling at christmas balls and chewing on trees. Here’s a great play on that for your family to laugh at while looking at the tree. This is the true definition of Christmas Tree Ornaments with Cats.

Cat Tree Ornament

Orange Tabby Cat Christmas Tree Decoration

If you come to this site much you know I’m the owner of two gorgeous, naughty, lovable orange tabby cats. My two boys are our world here in the house. They love the Christmas tree as much as anybody. We’d just have to have an orange tabby cat hanging on our tree properly, not one that was going to knock it over. Here’s a good orange cat example for the tree.

Black Cat Christmas Tree Ornament

Well. I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking. Does a black cat have a place in the Christmas iconic thought pattern? Probably not. That said, black cats are probably one of the most popular cats anywhere. A lot of people love black cats. There’s one in my extended family I am quite fond of. I’m sure those households with black cats want to celebrate them as well with a Christmas tree ornament with cats err black cats. Check it out, an Amazon choice so already very popular.

Black Cat Tree Ornament

Cute Tuxedo Cat Wearing Scarf for Christmas

Continuing on our theme of various cat breeds. We bring you the Tuxedo cat. This cat is a bit cold as it is winter, and tuxedo’s aren’t the warmest of attire. This cute little guy has a scarf on to stay warm while making you smile hanging on your tree. Yes he is definetely a Christmas Tree Ornament with cats in tuxedo’s.

Tuxedo Cat Ornament

Personalized Christmas Ornament with your Cat

We know you laugh when your cat is in your tree. Yes we cringe but we also think it’s pretty funny to find them snoozing near the Christmas Tree Topper happily like the kings they are. Well, now you can put a picture of your cats face in this cute meow shaped picture frame Christmas tree ornament. That is a bit of a mouthful to say. I’m not sure there’s a better Christmas Tree Ornament with Cats, because well, it’s your cat on the tree.

Picture Frame Christmas Ornament

Calico Kitty Christmas Tree Ornament

I know, I know. I did skip one coat pattern styled ornament just to keep it fresh. I’m back here now, with another popular breed of cat known as the Calico. This one is pretty sparkly. I’m sure it’ll twinkle on the tree just right while showing off your love for the Calico cat breed. One of the most popularly searched coat patterns on the internet, many owners will want this for their tree. The Amazon sales page on this calico cat Christmas ornament also has other varieties to choose, so check them all out.

Calico Cat Christmas Tree Decoration

Ornaments Make Great Cat Gifts

Whether you’re looking for yourself or for others, cats and Christmas always go together. If you’re looking for other great gift ideas for the cat people in your life, check out our post on the best gifts for cat lovers. I’m sure you’ll find something there for the cat person in your life.

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