What are the 3 Best New Cat Litters?

Times have changed. Information has changed. Gone are the days where dusty, smelly cat litter was in every garage and home that housed a cat in North America and the world. We want to show you the best litter for kittens. Science and animal health studies have helped evolve the world of kitty litter. Even in the last 5 years some great new information and ways to deal with our cat’s business is ever changing. Kitty litter has evolved. What the best litter for a kitten has changed. As an all things cat website, we’re here to tell you what are the 3 Best New Cat Litters in 2020.

How We Chose These 3 Best Cat Litters

Health of your Cat

First and foremost I have had cats all my life. I’ve been overjoyed by their companionship and love. I’ve been gutted by their illnesses and eventual passing from this world. A long time cat lover, owner and student of all things cats has been my passion outside of work. As I’ve began researching and learning about products to build this website, my main source of reading always surrounds the health and happiness of cats. Our top priority in picking the best litters for kittens was the health of the cat involved. A lot of cat owners are unaware of the health risks our kitty litter boxes can pose to our animals. Help keep them healthy. Their cat litter is a major factor in their overall longevity and health.

Cost of Cat Litter

The next factor we thought about was cost. While sometimes it’s hard to put a price on your cat’s health, we don’t all have endless supplies of the green to go around. Pet ownership is never light on the wallet, no matter the animal. Cats due tend to be one of the lower cost pets you can own, but they still do have their cost associated to them. Cat litter is probably the most expensive consumable item you will pay for with your cat, maybe only surpassed by food and I hope pet insurance. If you’re not currently enrolled in pet insurance for your cat, we recommend you read this article on the two best cat insurance options available today and sign up for one.

User Ease with Cat Litter

What do we mean by ‘user ease’ you ask? Well, we mean how easy is it to get to your house? Is it heavy and hard to move around? Is it dusty or messy to work with when cleaning it? These are the type of things we think about and share. I personally hate the 50lbs boxes of cat litter my wife brings home and conveniently leaves in the car for me. Lugging that box into the house in the winter on a snowy driveway is not a easy use item. Those ones go to the back of the line. The what are the 3 best new cat litters for kittens need to be weighed by the health benefits for you and the kitten involved.

Functionality and Features of Cat Litters

Okay so basically we want our cats to pee or poo in the box. You are pretty much wondering what more does it need to do for you? Well, read on and you’ll find out what I mean. Not all cat litters are created equal my friends. Many of them now have tricks up their sleeves in various forms. From how they’re delivered to you or things they do to enhance your or your cats lives. It all is taken into account for being picked to this list.

Kitty Poo Club Cat Litter

This is our first entry into the 3 Best New Cat Litters in 2020. Kitty Poo Club is a great service company and subscription service that takes cat litter buying into the future. Ranking up there is the best litter for kittens for many reasons. Why does it top the list here? Mainly because it’s such a versatile service that you can tailor to your needs. While this isn’t a full Kitty Poo Club review, we do try to give you as much information about them as possible to make a decision. It’s certainly one of the Best Cat Products in 2020.

How Kitty Poo Club Works

You sign up on their web page and from there you get to tick a whole lot of boxes and options. Firstly, the service sends you a wax lined cardboard box you unfold and voila, creates a litter box for your cat. It has cute little designs on the outside and they change seasonally as new boxes arrive. You load your box up with the also supplied litter and it lasts you a whole month. When the month is up, a new box and new litter arrive at your door and you simply fold up the old box and recycle it. This whole service cost you $21.99 a box. You can even order other box accessories, toys and food for your cat if you wish.

The box is high sided to keep your kitty from splashing the litter around. The box is also made from recyclable materials and guaranteed to last the entire 30 days. What are the 3 best new cat litters you asked? Keep reading about Kitty Poo Club and others.

What Health Benefits of Kitty Poo Club Cat Litter?

As mentioned in our how we rated these products, keeping your cat healthy within it’s cat litter world is number 1. While Kitty Poo Club does offer a clay based, clumping litter as an option I’d expect a lot of users of this service would choose the silica based products. The main benefit of this service is the disposable litter box monthly. Using the silica based product with a new box is easily recyclable and replaced often. This as opposed to using a stand alone plastic container with clumping litter. A lot of cat owners will just keep filling up this tray with more clumping litter as it gets low. Thus, never really cleaning the box or replacing the litter. Replacing the litter and box monthly keeps germs, smells and harmful buildup of badness in the litter to essentially keep your cat safer. The silica based litters are no to low dust which is number one cat litter safety in our opinion.

Functionality of Kitty Poo Club

Remember when we talked about options, functionality and ease of use? You can even choose the style or kind of litter you want. There are three to chose from and a fourth coming this July. Silica, silica sand, or clay clumping. The last being organic soy available soon. I personally would recommend the silica sand as your kitties will love it, it’s light and you just throw it away with the box when you’re done. Silica is also dust free and non toxic to cats. Unlike clay clumping litter which has many detrimental health concerns for cats. This is some super ease of use and the monthly cost for this service is very similar to what you’d spend on a bag of litter from the store for a month. It’s why it’s tops on this list of all great cat litters.

Kitty Poo Club Comes Highly Recommended by Others.

Kitty Poo Club has a huge amount of testimonials on their site about how great product it is. We believe these all to be true as it’s one of the great cat services on the internet. It’s been featured on ABC News, FOX News and many other media outlets. Try Kitty Poo Club if you’re looking for a new cat litter option.

Pretty Litter

Never to be left out of the discussion on great cat litters. Pretty Litter is the king of cat litter subscriptions. This has a lot to do with their great product and much about their aggressive Facebook advertising. Pretty Litter is in the list of 3 best new cat litters because it’s a fantastic product when used correctly. We have a dedicated Pretty Litter Review article and it sometimes contains up to date coupon codes. We also think information is great so this article may help you have a bit of a side by side comparison of pretty litter vs kitty poo club. Both cat litters provide safer silica based products for your cat. If you want to know more about it’s benefits we encourage you to have a read.

How Pretty Litter Works?

PrettyLitter is a silica based cat litter with a twist. We already discussed how we like silica based litters because of it’s dust free properties. It’s also very odor trapping and lightweight. Also a subscription service. Log in to their web page and answer some questions about your cat family, and they recommend how many bags you’ll need per month. From there, the rest is easy. They ship a new bag or two to your door every month. It’s light, easy to carry in on snowy days and eliminates odors by a stir a day. All you do is scoop the dried up solids and stir the silica around to keep the smells away. A good question is Pretty Litter flushable? The answer would be no. Unlike the upcoming ToFu cat litter discussion it is best to throw Pretty Litter in the trash when it’s time for a new bag.

Pretty Litter Health Monitoring Makes it one of the 3 Best Cat Litters

Pretty Litter also changes color when urine hits it. A cat with some underlying health problems will trigger different colors of the beads. This alerts caring pet owners to a potential issue with their cats health. Another one of those cool features we talked about. This cat litter can actually reduce the risk of health problems with your cat due to its ingredients, but also tell you if your cat is sick. This has to be a great reason to be in one of the best kitten litters list. What great peace of mind to go along with your health insurance you just signed up for above! Now you can get your cat immediate attention from the vet maybe sooner than you would’ve as cats hide their illnesses famously for too long.

Why is Pretty Litter Not Number 1 on the list of kitty litters?

Pretty Litter lands at number 2 on our list of 3 Best New Cat Litters in 2020 for one reason. That being it’s a bit more costly than Kitty Poo Club. It’s really the only thing that separates them enough. Both are great customer service companies delivering an excellent product. Pretty Litter is around $25 a bag however there are often coupons available to minimize the cost. Definetely something to think about when trying to decide What are the 3 Best New Cat Litters? ..are.

ViviPet New Tofu Cat Litter

This is really where the list gets interesting. Yes, Tofu cat litter is a thing. I also think it just might be the next generation of cat litter technology. I firmly believe that in twenty years or less, most all cat litters we use for our cats will be made of ToFu or something similar. This cat litter is pretty much the Mercedes of Cat litter right now as it does everything you want in a litter. My only concern I have with it as it’s a bit more costly than the others in the list. You can get your first bag for free at Vivipet though, and that helps.

Benefits of Tofu Cat Litter to make it one of the absolute best cat litters?

  • Safe – All natural soybeans, non-toxic and completely safe if swallowed by pets. 
  • Soft Touch – Made from natural bean curd residue and corn starch with ultra-soft texture that aids felines with sensitive paws. 
  • Dust-Free – Helps protect pet respiratory tract with its zero-dust components. 
  • Super Absorbency and Deodorization – It quickly soaks up cat urine and neutralizes strong odors on contact. 
  • Easy Disposal – The litter is flush-able and biodegradable making it easy to dispose.
  • Easy scooping – Fast clumping allows for easy removal.
  • Environmentally Friendly– Biodegradable formula that dissolves easily in water which is good for the environment. 
  • Less tracking keeps the home clean.

Functionality of Tofu Cat Litter

This is where is it really shines. Those little details the separate all 3 Best new cat litters in 2020. I think my favorite part of this litter is its flush able and biodegradable fully. How lovely is the thought of just scooping the litter out of the box and into the toilet to flush. The ball of urine disapates into nothingness quite quickly, and doesn’t hurt the pipes or the septic system. Healthy for your kitten make this a top choice for best litters for kittens and cats alike. This is pretty much as easy as it gets. Remember the cost is a factor here, however, the bags do look a bit larger than those from the other offerings. It’s possible it may last you longer and help minimize that investment cost.

Another Reason to Love ViviPet

Vivipet does not only ‘do’ cat litter. It has an abundance of other products on their website inclusive of some of the nicest, most stylish cat bowls anywhere. I encourage you to bounce around their site and check out some of their great designs. We also have an article on the best cat bowls on the internet for you to read. Trust us these bowls are our favorites anywhere.

Conclusion on the What are the 3 Best New Cat Litters?

We hope you’ve enjoyed the article and pick what best suits you and your cat moving forward with your cat litter. We feel clumping cat litter is evil here so if we move one cat away from the dangers of that product we win. We’re also happy to hear your thoughts so feel free to leave a comment about your experiences with any of these products and services. Thank you for reading about the 3 best new cat litters in 2020.

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