The Quirky Cat Book You Must Own!

Its’ very difficult to write a book review when the book is a satirical Q&A format without giving away the entire book. If you’re a cat owner you must have this for your cats. They want it on the coffee table for your guests to read when they come over. It is simply the Quirky […]

The Best Cat Brushes

Review and discuss cat licki toy and other pet grooming products.

How to Stop Cat Spraying

Information and review of Cat Spraying No More.

The Five Best Cat Scratching Posts on Amazon

If you have a cat and you don’t have a big scratching post you need to rectify this issue ASAP. –Oh by the way, your cat called and he’s pissed! The Five Best Cat Scratching Posts on Amazon may change from time to time. We will try to update this list as new items become […]

The Cat’s Meow Cat Toy

This has to be the first product I talk about here on this site because quite simply, I have a cat that loves it. It’s simply called The Cat’s Meow Cat Toy, found on Amazon. I’m not kidding when I tell you he sits beside it and cries until you turn it on. Sadly, he’s […]

Buying A Cat First Time Tips

These are four items you must have before bringing a cat home with product suggestions. Your cat will love you for reading this first.