10 Best Cat Coffee Mugs

The penultimate cat and coffee lover list. The 10 best cat coffee mugs. It’s a must read for all cat and coffee lovers. Just because our motto here is orange cats best cats, there’s even an orange tabby cat mug on the list. Whether you drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate out of your favorite mug does not matter. What matters is there’s a cat on them, or maybe even smiling at you from the bottom of the mug. Cat mom mugs, cat dad mugs and even some cat butt mugs might make the list.

These cat coffee mugs are in no particular order over best to worst. Mugs and design are so much ‘eye of the beholder’ so please scroll through them all and pick the best one for you or your loved one. If my wife is reading, if you’re ever stuck on a gift for me a new cat mug will surely please. Pictures are a thousand words, so for easy buying if you click on the picture it will take you directly to the Amazon listing to peruse and maybe just add to cart.

Standard Mugs

  1. The Koolkatkoo Cute Cat Coffee Mug. A decent size at 12 oz and a surprise at the bottom of the cup when you’re getting close to done. A cute little pop up cat! An Amazon’s best choice at $15.99. Comes in black on black, black with gold or white with gold.
KoolKatKoo Cute Ceramic Mug

2. The Original Cat Beard Mug. This one makes me chuckle every time. Another Amazon’s choice mug, the clear mug with the drawing on it makes it look like the person using it has a cat nose and whiskers while it’s tipped to your face. A great gag gift to give to your friends and take pictures with. The ultimate quirky cat mug ranks high on our list of best amazon cat mugs simply for it’s laugh out loud factor. $14.97 on Amazon.

Original Cat Beard Mug

Cat Bum Coffee Mug

3. Okay, so I usually like big cat coffee mugs, but this one was just so hilarious I had to add it to the list. The internet is crazy over cat butts. Cat butt coasters, cat butt coloring books. Why not a cat butt coffee mug too.

4. Koolkatkoo Coffee Mug Warmer and Cute Cat Coffee Cell Phone Holder Mug. This cat mug on Amazon lands in the quirky product lineup simply because it has a lid that acts as a cell phone holder. It even keeps your coffee warm with a built in bum warmer. A funky looking cat and some cat ears on the lid is a perfect spot to prop up your phone while enjoying your coffee. It certainly gets ten quirky points for it’s ingenuity. Impress your friends with a hot coffee and a cell phone holder at the same time!

Color Changing Mug

5.The Middle Finger Cat Mug. Yes. You read that right. Right up on the quirky scales is this mug that has hidden images and text on the cup that appear when the mug has hot liquid in it. Before you pour your hot drink it looks like a normal cat face. Upon filling with hot liquid two middle finger cat paws appear at the bottom and the phrase, “I do what I want’ shows on the back. It gets on the list of 10 best cat coffee mugs because it is perfect for those of us who don’t want to speak to anyone before finishing at least one cup. Draw back to this mug is it not dishwasher or microwave safe. You were warned!

The Finger Me Cat Mug?

Self Stirring Coffee Mugs

6. LEADNOVO Self Stirring Mug. You on the keto plan? Like your bulletproof coffee in the morning? Get yourself this self stirring cat coffee mug to mix that bulletproof coffee with ease. It comes in different colors (black,pink) and a cool cat design on the front. You chose, but pick one, because..


Best Orange Cat Coffee Mug

8. I like big mugs with easy to hold handles. I like cats and things that are quirky. Quirky things that have a cat theme. I also love orange cats because I have two orange tabby cats. Remember, orange cats best cats? Well, behold the quirky large handled Smarty Cat Mug. Its so quirky it goes on the list of best cat coffee mugs on Amazon. I’m not sure what else to say about this guy. You either like it or you don’t. For me, I like it. Big at 18oz. Big wide handle. Orange cat design. Yes. Sign me up.

Orange Cat Coffee Mug

Thermos Style Mug

9. FACE Cute Water Bottle. I know I know, it says water bottle but this product is super versatile because it’s a thermos style item. Can use it as a water bottle, travel mug for hot liquids or even a thermos for perhaps some soup. Has great look and funny designs including different animals and colors if you fancy. Not sure why you wouldn’t want the cat theme but it makes the list because I think it’s funky and a great all rounder.

FACE Thermos Water Bottle

10. Kiss Cat Coffee Cups. Aren’t these sweet. Snuggling little kitties built into two mugs that come in a set. You can’t go wrong with these on display or sharing them with your sweetie. Easy to clean and microwave safe. A great gift for cat lovers or for yourself.

Kiss Me Cat Mug

Thank you for checking out our 10 best cat coffee mugs. If you think something should be added to the list please say so in the comments, and I will review and perhaps add a bonus mug of our readers choosing!

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