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The Top Quirky Cat Breeds

We show off the quirkiest and weirdest cat breeds in the world! We of course love all things cat here but there are some breeds that just catch our attention and imagination more than others. This list isn’t in any particular order or ranking, we just like to bring attention to them, and heck, we may make a part two at some point as well. With over 200 individual cat breeds in the world it’s not easy narrowing it down. This post is broken down into pages instead of one long post. Keep reading about our quirky cat breeds by finding the page button at the bottom of the post.



This is one of our favouties here @ Quirky Cat. Sometimes called the elf cat, the pixie cat or the monkey cat. Personalities and inquisitiveness relate it more to a dog or monkey than an actual cat. It loves to play games like hide and seek and fetch. Devon’s are highly interested in everything around them and easily learn new tricks.  A Devon will eat with you, sleep with you, and perch cozily on your shoulder while you are on the computer or reading. They will follow you around the house, sit at your feet, or jump on your lap the minute you sit down. A Devon will accompany you on your household chores, happily trilling, cooing, and chirping as they look for ways to help. For a quirky cat dad like me, this sounds amazing!

The Devon Rex can come in any color seen in other cat breeds and fur can be curly or suede like to the touch. They are always warm because lack a guard coat and seek heat and cuddles. They are extremely social and want to be with people, dogs, cats or any companion in their ‘family.’ They are voracious eaters and always hungry and will try to outsmart you to get your dinner. If you’re thinking of a Devon for yourself you must be prepared to provide it companionship and to be aware it will always be looking to steal your food. Quick search online shows cost to be about $1500 for a kitten. A short video below of various Devon’s in action. Credit from youtube.

Because we like quirky amazon products. If you have a love for Devon Rex’s or own one, here are some funky Devon Rex items on Amazon:


The Scottish Fold

So he we have the Scottish Fold. These little guys get top Quirky Cat breeds status because well, they look like an owl. An incomplete dominant gene causes their ears to tip or collapse forward at a young age. This does not happen to all Scottish Fold cats and usually takes about three to four weeks old, or not at all. Because not all Scottish Fold kittens ears fold, they are very rare.

These cats are very hearty and adaptable. They are comfortable in noisy surroundings and quiet places. They do not spook easily and are generally fairly silent with quiet meows Probably their biggest quirk beyond their ears, is their penchant and ability to stand on their hind legs in an upright position. Much like a Meerkat, curious Scottish Folds will stand up tall and peer at things. This just adds to their owl like appearance even more. Rare and harder to find breed, especially with folded ears, price for one is between $1000 – $2000 USD.

A video compilation of the owl cat.

If you’re like me and can’t afford $2000 for a cat, but really love Scottish Folds. Below are some quirky and cool Scottish Fold Amazon products:

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This brings us to the Spyhnx. So Quirky I can barely spell it. I’m almost positive I will misspell it somewhere in this article. I apologize in advance. From my own point of view, hairless cats have always given me the weeby geebies. I haven’t really had much to do with them except seeing them on TV or online or in pictures. I probably have never even touched one in real life. They are utterly quirky and odd looking to me, so they make this list. A result of a genetic mutation from a cat born in Toronto, Canada in 1966, breeders have been producing hairless and haired Spyhnx since. I read their skin can feel buttery smooth, warm to the touch and sometimes like a warm peach (due to slight fuzz).

If they didn’t earn their quirky cat breeds status just on looks, their personalities add to the fun with outgoing and crazy antics, always wanting to be the center of attention. Inherently clumsy adds to their goofball ways. An intelligent breed in understanding it’s need for warmth and finding inventive ways to stay warm. Often found on top of computers or areas in the home with extra warmth, often with their owners due to being highly affectionate.

The breed requires regular baths and and cleaning. More so than fur covered babies. Are more adapted to being in water if attained from a registered breeder who exposes them to early and often soaks. Popular myth that people allergic to cats can have hairless cats, and is true in some cases. Cat dander is still present on Sphynx cats however is not as airborne on shedding hair.

Sphynx cat prices vary online but run anywhere from $300 – $3000. An entertaining 6 minute video of Sphynx cats in quirky crazy action.

No shortage of crazy items for Spyhnx cats on Amazon, some highlights below.

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Cornish Rex

The next top top quirky cat breed on the list, not to be confused with the Devon Rex, the Cornish Rex is it’s own boss. Giant ears, angular face and massive eyes make this breed eye of the beholder beautiful. Curly, fluffy soft like lambs wool fur make them wonderful to touch and pet. They gots the quirky looks combined with the the plain crazy temperament combined with the super soft fur. Not much, if anything, in the cat world feels like a Cornish Rex.

Cornish Rex cats are often called Whippet cats based on their curved body positioning which makes them look awkward and unbalanced but are anything but. Very athletic, muscular and energetic, they act like kittens for their entire life. They love to play fetch and catch, and can sometimes be observed using their hind legs to pick up objects and throwing them a fair distance.

General cost for a Cornish Rex is around $1300. Almost the cheapest quirky cat on the list so far. An informative video on the Cornish Rex:


Silver Tabby Striped Peterbald

The Peterbald is a newer breed of cat by comparison of others. New or not, it’s definitely in the top quirky cat breeds world. Finally recognized as it’s own breed as late as 2009, it has Russian origins first discovered in 1994. Peterbalds can come with three different coat styles, hairless, “peach fuzzed’ or a combination of guard hair and peach fuzz (rare). This cat is also known to have hair early in life then ‘shed’ all of its hair in a few years, becoming hairless. I believe its one of the only cats to potentially lose all its hair making it a top quirky cat breed. This definitely makes it one of the quirkiest cat breeds on the planet. You can find Peterbalds in various colors however 1 in 4 will be hairless.


Extremely affectionate and vocal, they don’t like to be separated from the owners and will do whatever they can to stay close to their owners. Muscular and graceful, peaceful and loving this cat breed is a great family pet. However they do come with challenges around health and care. This breed is for a very dedicated cat family who will provide it regular vet checks, baths, cleaning and ensuring it’s not exposed to extreme temperature swings. It also has a shorter lifespan than many domestic cats, being 10-12 years. Best to keep this one inside as well due to it requiring specialized cat sunscreen and not being able to deal with the cold. An informative video below about the breed.


Khao Manee

The next top quirky cat breeds. Originating from Thailand the Khao Manee was hidden from the world for many years until the dawn of the internet. A striking appearance of bright white sheen and popping bright colored eyes make this cat a dazzling photo model. Considered good luck in Asia the cat is best known for it’s brilliant eyes which often come as an unmatched set! The cats can have matching amber, emerald or blue eyes or a combination of them. Multi colored unmatched eyes make this a top quirky cat breed. Defects in the breed show a cat with both eyes blue often can be deaf, so early testing is recommended.

Posing Khao Manee

Khao Manee cats are reputed to be active, outgoing, communicative, intelligent and playful. They are people loving, with a lovely purr and attractive voices. They are devoted to their owners and are curious, intelligent cats who have an enduring sense of naughtiness.  This is not a cat you want to let outside and lose to the elements, as is best kept indoors. Costs for this cat range from $7000-11000.

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