Should I Insure My Cat?

Probably the most common questions all cat owners face when buying a new kitten. Should I insure my cat ? Is pet insurance worth it? What pet insurance is the best? Is there such a thing as pet insurance best? The answer isn’t the same for everyone, as life situations often dictate the final result. We can’t tell you what to do with your new or existing family member but we can list some pros and cons to maybe help your decision. The cost of pet insurance is in everyone’s mind, and we will try to help with that. No doubt this article is certainly transferable to pet insurance as a whole, from cats to dogs to birds. We think you should insure your cat, and here’s why.

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Cost For Cat Insurance

The biggest reason we choose to not insure our pets would be the most obvious. Cost. We roll the dice a lot in life. Some folks don’t even have insurance for themselves let alone their pets. Cost is also relative for many. $50 a month for some is a budget breaker, and others wouldn’t think twice about dropping $50 for a lunch. When it comes to pet insurance, dog or cat, costs are all over the map and the return on investment question always pops up. So what is the cost of pet insurance? This is all over the map. You can get insurance from a company in this article for as low as $14 a month.

There’s a major given in any caring pet owners life. A vet visit will happen. Your cat will eventually need vet care and that care is going to be in the way of sickness or check up. This should be a major factor in your answer to should I insure my cat? An animal is going to get hurt or sick or at some point, old age related issues will pop up. I’m fairly certain if you’re reading this you fall into the caring pet owner category. Even the most well looked after cat can fall victim to a virus or a hereditary issue. There is no bigger fear of mine as a infatuated with his cats cat daddy, that one of them will fall ill and I’d be unable to afford the bill. Suddenly the cost of pet insurance would seem cheap in that circumstance.

Cost Of Insurance Perspective

I take cost as a put in perspective issue. I’ll happily drop $70-100 at least once a week on a meal for the family whether take out or eat in at a restaurant. Usually Friday nights after a long week is pizza night. Neither my wife nor I want to cook so we order in. I buy my cats top quality food that costs me $50 a month easy for the two of them. Why then would I stress about a decision to protect their lives with health insurance which could cost me as low as $20 a month? It seems silly to me when put in that perspective. I think it boils down to our next issue. Trust.

Your Friends Trust Us to Care For Them.

Trust in cat insurance..

As a society I believe our trust in insurance companies in general has taken a hit. We very rarely hear good stories about insurance companies anymore. It seems we only hear about how they didn’t cover this issue, or that issue. We only hear of soaring premiums and smaller payouts. The insurance industry hasn’t done a lot to help that negative image. We don’t see a lot of PR from them anymore about how they rebuilt a family’s home, covered medical expenses for a cancer patient, or, saved a cats life by providing coverage for an emergency UTI procedure.

We simply don’t hear about it but that is the service they offer. The good parts of being insured are barely spoken about. I think this is because when we need them we’re focused on the trauma that caused us to need them. Not the fact if we didn’t have it, that trauma could’ve been much worse.

Within this article I will provide two trust worthy pet insurance companies which have great reviews, feedback and reputations for doing their jobs. Probably the current best pet insurance companies around. Yes best pet insurance does exist, if you know where to look. These pet insurance companies cover your pet against injury, illness and even regular vet check ups.

Peace of Mind with the best cat insurance.

Our next pro on the list of should I insure my cat is peace of mind. This is just something you can’t measure easily. Worrying about a vet bill or being unable to afford it is present for most caring cat parents. Spending that little extra per month to know if something happens to your cat you have the ability to cover it goes a long way for me. I worry less. I sleep better. I’m a bit less nervous when Poe is dangling 20 feet in the air on the top of a door because he’s nuts like that. It really goes a long way for me. I’m sure it would for you too.

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What Pet Insurance is The Best?

This really comes down to two things. Coverage included versus cost of plan. Coverage can really be described in two forms. What will they pay for and who do they pay? You don’t want to get locked into pet insurance that limits your choice in doctor. The best for pet insurance companies will allow you to chose your vet, and be inclusive in the services they pay for. All animals need to get regular vet checkups, and these visits being included in your coverage plan will add value to your monthly payments. If you know you’re going to take your cat or dog for vet checkups regularly and they’re covered in your plan this is a direct immediate reduction in your payments.

What I mean by that is your annual vet checkup may cost you $150 – 300 a year, depending on your pet’s needs. Teeth cleans and nail trims and examine fees add up. If you’re getting 80% back of your regular visit paid for, that money is money you’d spend on your cat or dog no matter what, hence, you just subtract that as money spent already in your budget / insurance fees.


I promised I would share two top quality companies to help with that question, should I insure my cat.I also committed to helping answer which pet insurance is the best? The first is Eusoh. A newer company who doesn’t like to call themselves an insurance company. Eusoh touts themselves as a cost sharing program. Simply a group of caring pet owners pooling their resources to help one another out in times of need. Accepting the fact their will be times of need and paying a monthly cost into a pool to draw from when you or others need it. It’s a great concept, and one that keeps monthly costs low.

Eusoh is New and Progressive

Eusoh as a company is very new and is aggressively seeking more clients to their program and spreading the word. As a result their rates are lower and they are also getting great word of mouth within their membership for being one of the best for pet insurance companies on the market today. New companies can be a great option because they are growing their brand and bad press hurts that. They go above and beyond to insure they’re doing everything they can for that word of mouth growth.

Eusoh Pet Insurance covers your annual checkups in some of their plans and also has accident and illness coverage. They allow you to choose the vet you wish to visit and you submit your receipts to them and you receive money back. They have an upfront charge of $49 and fees as low as $14-18 a month. It’s probably the best deal for pet insurance cost on the market today. I encourage you to check out their web page.

Embrace Pet Insurance for Cats

Embrace Pet Insurance is one of the premier pet insurance companies on the market today. A trusted brand and partner in your cats health. Their programs are very well positioned and you can earn lower premiums by keeping your cat healthy and active. They even have programs to cover regular vet checkups so you can keep your cat in front of the professionals for advice without worrying about the bills. When we talk about criteria for which pet insurance is best, they tick all the boxes.

What does Embrace Provide?

  • All illnesses and injuries
  • Vet-exam fees
  • Breed-Specific Conditions
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Congenital Conditions
  • Diagnostic Testing & Imaging
  • ER & Specialist Care
  • Surgery, Hospitalization and nursing care
  • Alternative therapies & rehabilitation
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Prosthetic limbs, devices and mobility aids
  • Dental illness up to $1,000/year

While above we talked about Eusoh being a newer company, Pet Insurance Embrace is the opposite. Lots of experience and recommendations online. Great company providing excellent service in pet insurance and being the best at it. It costs you nothing to fill out the form on their web page to request a quote. You simply answer their questions and Pet Insurance Embrace will get you a monthly fee and program tailored for you. While the cost for pet insurance with Embrace may be a bit higher than Eusoh, they are a more traditional insurer and their experience in the field might tip the scales in their favor for some.

Summary for Should I Insure My Cat

What you do for your cat and your family members is entirely up to you. It is a decision you make based on your finances and your tolerance for risk. I don’t like gambling or risky my little buddies lives, so I choose to keep them covered. Should I insure my cat? Yes, we believed you should and we’ve listed two low cost, high return on investment ways to do so for you if you so choose. We hope these reviews for pet insurance at the end of this article will help you fill out some quote requests or take the leap to protect your cat. You’ll sleep better like I do.

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