How Eusoh Is Changing Pet Insurance

My post today is mainly about how Eusoh Is Changing Pet Insurance but it really has an underlying message. This isn’t just another of a few Eusoh Pet Insurance reviews on the web. This is a Eusoh review but also about over coming fear. The fear all pet owners, that are true pet parents, live with on a daily basis. It’s also a fear that holds many people back from owning pets in general. Losing them. Losing them to illness, accident or eventual age. You can help minimize this fear by holding an insurance policy for your cat or dog. Which pet insurance is best? What is the cost for pet insurance? Maybe you’re here looking at changing your pet insurance to a new company, and we certainly welcome you to read our thoughts as well on Eusoh. One of the best pet insurance companies available today.

No Pet Insurance Fear

I for one was very apprehensive when my wife came to me with the idea she wanted to bring two new cats into our home and lives. It took me a while to agree. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cats. If I had endless money streams I’d have a cat rescue and spend my entire day looking after them happily. My fear was not from damaged cat scratched furniture or the smell of cat litter. It was around losing them. I get attached. Attached hard. We have never been overly wealthy people and the fear of one of them getting sick and me not being able to afford the vet bills is a massive weight on my mind. Massive. Pet Insurance always seemed like something wealthy people could afford for their pets. Not for a single income family of four.

Insurance is thought of as a dirty thing. Nobody likes the insurance salesperson. Does anyone, anyone, like insurance companies? Insurance is that thing adults need to worry about and hell, nobody even wants to be an adult anymore. I hate buying insurance for my car. I get mad every time I get a home insurance quote. Thinking of buying pet insurance at a cost I couldn’t afford also gave me cat daddy ulcers. I was super happy I came across Eusoh and super happy to share it with whomever is reading this.

Be Happy with Pet Insurance

Why am I happy? With all the nasty thoughts about insurance I’ve had in my life, I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is to know I found Eusoh and the peace of mind I got from it. Did I mention how attached I get? The thought of something going wrong with my little buddies and me not being able to afford to get them proper medical treatment is horrible. I virtually bought peace of mind. It bought myself relaxation and enjoyment again at the love I feel for my bat shit crazy Orange Tabbies. I now feel like if they need to see the vet I won’t hesitate because it won’t break me. My mind won’t have to deal with the heart ache or the burden of costs. I feel differently about pet insurance now because the stress relief it provided was worth every penny.

Part of why I’m writing this blog post is because of my obsession with all things cats which is inclusive of Facebook cat groups. I love seeing pictures of all the beautiful cats the world owns. Sadly, what comes with the beautiful cats playing in various areas is the posts about sick cats, hurt cats and owners who got caught with a vet bill they cannot afford. It’s heartbreaking and if this posts helps one cat owner save their cat because of health care they can now afford, well, high fives to me.

Eusoh Pet Insurance Cost

Yes. You can afford it! This is how Eusoh is changing pet insurance for the better. Eusoh is a different kind of coverage provider. They are quick to tell you when you visit their site they are a cost sharing plan, and not an insurance plan. They take a pool of members together and ‘share’ the kitty amongst them. This lowers the cost of your monthly installment and still provides similar coverage as insurance would, even going further with coverage for regular wellness checkups instead of sticking strictly to accident only.

A quick google search and some deeper investigation shows average pet insurance coverage to be between $70 – 100 monthly for basic coverage. This will help you when your cat gets hit by a car or attacked by a raccoon. Additional coverage is available for accidental illness which will add to the monthly cost. Eusoh states their rates at between $25-40 a month which includes Accident, Illness, and regular wellness checkups. They guarantee to never go above $48 a month.

Eusoh is Changing Insurance For The Better

I spend $40 a month sometimes more just on food for my two diva’s. To be able to cover them with a health plan that works out to less than what I feed them is totally worth it to me. I think it should be worth it for anyone. A guarantee in this life is your pets will need the vet. Some will need it more than others but the peace of mind a program like this provides you is amazing. It’s also amazing to know that if your cat needs UTI surgery unexpectedly you have coverage to keep that baby alive. (A very sucky life experience) If your plan is $11 a month for your cat that is one Subway meal a month to sit and know if something happens to your cat, it won’t break the bank or break your heart.

As an all things disclosed point. Eusoh charges a $48 dollar deposit on all plans. This is refunded to the plan holder after a year of staying with the service. Your plan is dependent on some previous health markers that you will need to establish. Eusoh is the best alternative to pet insurance. Insurance is complicated, costly, and confusing. Eusoh has developed a simpler and cheaper way to share the costs of accidents, diseases, and preventative care. They’re different, let them prove it! This is how Eusoh is Changing Pet Insurance.

Eusoh Provides

Eusoh’s community health sharing plan offers coverage for almost any kind of veterinary expense. You can rest well at night knowing you’ll never have to make tough choices between your finances and your pet’s well being. Within our cat insurance reviews on our site we always talk about costs and also return on investment and features. Eusoh differs from mainstream cat insurance companies like Trupanion and Embrace with their cost saving group plans.

We want your cats happy and healthy. We don’t wish health issues or the need for insurance on any pet owner. To keep our pets healthy we recommend the best food on the market. Nom Nom Now makes the best, all natural food for dogs and cats. Check out our review and more information at the below link. You’ll be glad you did!

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Furthermore if you use the coupon code “HEAT” while signing up for Eusoh Pet Insurance you will receive two months free of charge because of this special offer. Eusoh is absolutely the lowest insurance company (up to 50% less expensive) plus they are giving you two months free. Equally important, is this is a limited time offer. Make haste over to Eusoh and don’t miss out.

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