Cats and COVID-19 Updated

I wrote a story two weeks or so ago on this blog page with the latest information I had regarding pets and coronavirus. There’s been a few changes as scientist have a chance to do studies with the virus to try to better understand it. This is my latest Cats and COVID-19 updated post.

Tigers sick from COVID-19 im NYC

Tiger : Credit WWF

Stunning and bizarre news out of New York in that Tigers in the zoo came down with the virus. According to media reports the Tigers were in the care of a handler who himself was the cause of their infection. Either not realizing he had the virus or unaware he could pass it along to the animals in his care. The Tigers showed mild symptoms of the virus, mainly a dry cough, and are expected to fully recover.

See the news article here :

New Studies on COVID-19 And Cats

Further studies have been being conducted in the USA and Canada and have found some surprising and interesting results. I find it personally interesting that any animal would contract this virus simply as their immune systems are designed to eat raw prey food. Cats hunt birds, mice, rodents (bats anyone) and seemed conditioned to resist food born illness of this kind unlike us humans might.

These new studies have shown cats and ferrets can contract the virus when exposed to ‘high levels’ of it. Dogs have shown strong immunity to the virus. Cats who are ‘sick’ with coronavirus present minor coughs and lethargy and none have died as a result. The studies also show ZERO transmission of the virus from cat to human however they can pass it to other cats they are close with.

Tips for your pets and take aways from these new findings.

  • As mentioned in previous article, if you are sick with COVID-19 best to isolate from your animals if possible.
  • Cats can catch COVID-19 from their owners but it’s unlikely they will pass this on to you.
  • Over handling your dog or cat while sick can stick the virus to their fur for a short period, which can transfer to other members of your home or community.
  • For the time being, don’t pet others animals at the park.
  • Wash your hands often and do so before playing with your pet to ensure safety for all.

If you wish to fact check my article, below is a link showing original stories or studies to back my findings. In this day and age, please find multiple sources of information (I recommend from different countries) and make your own decisions.

Global News Canada

If you are stricken with COVID-19 or are at high risk and have a petwe have tips to help you prepare at this link.

Please don’t turn in your pets due to COVID. Your animals are not the issue. Communities and the human race are in this together. Social Distance, wash your hands, stay home as much as possible. These are the only way this ends quickly. For those of you with loved ones ill our thoughts and prayers are with you and them. Thank you for reading our cats and COVID-19 updated page.

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