Can Cats Eat Chocolate

As humans we LOVE our chocolate treats. Chemical reactions in our mouths and our brains make it one of the most popular flavors and goodies known to mankind. Should we give our cats chocolate? Are we hurting them by showing them love in sharing our passion for chocolate with them? We dive into the issue and let you know the answer to “can cats eat chocolate“? There are many reasons to not feed your cat chocolate.

can cats eat chocolate
Cat and chocolate

Chocolate, Cats and Dogs

Most people know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs. I should add ‘some’ or ‘most’ dogs to this post because I have a dog with iron guts who when about four years old ate about 8 chocolate muffins I had cooling on the rack in the kitchen. He never showed any signs of any problems even looked proud of himself. That dog is 15 now and and has lived three years past his breed life expectancy.

I’ve literally been a cat person my whole life and wasn’t even sure if chocolate had the same ‘poison’ status for cats as dogs. I admittedly have shared small amounts of chocolate with my cats in my life. I’m talking tiny doses at a time, but never had that ‘no you can’t have this’ thought toward the cat as I would the dog.

Greedy Cats and Chocolate

My orange tabby cats think all things food are open season. These brats are always interested when I’m eating. Sitting beside me. Looking at me. Climbing up the side of the couch to get closer. I had Siamese cats as a child who would sit beside me and howl and beg but my two current Velociraptors aren’t that polite. If I’m eating they want some. They will get some. Oddly, if I have something heavy in chocolate they usually sniff and leave. If it’s Pepperoni or cheese well, the hunting begins.

Maybe this is a sign. They know it’s not good for them or it doesn’t trigger the same chemical response as it does in humans. One of the main toxic agent for cats in chocolate is theobromine. Cats that eat chocolate can experience abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizures, and death. That is pretty much your answer to the cats eating chocolate question. My experience with my cats and chocolate is such that occasionally, the little orange tabby buggers will snag a bite when I’m not looking. Great sneaky hunters they are. Usually its a piece of chocolate chip from a muffin. I’ve yet to see any ill effects on them from a small amount of chocolate.

Chocolate is a No-No

That’s a scary statement to read for many cat owners and lovers. Sane folks who own pets don’t want to poison them or cause them harm. So, can cats eat chocolate? I think the easy answer is no, they shouldn’t. Do they want to? Probably not. The key here is if your cat gets a bite of a muffin that has a slight amount of chocolate in it, he’s likely fine. If for some reason your cat decided to eat three large pieces of bakers chocolate off your counter while you were making brownies, a vet visit is in your immediate future.

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